Saturday, 29 November 2008

Featured seller: Wicked Child Designs

Looking for some fun gifts this Christmas for the entire family? Take a look at Wicked Child Designs where you can find awesome soft toys that look like people and have individual characters and stories. Ideal if you want to have a cute soft toy that is different from some of the scary stuff I've seen around lately (cough*Bratz*cough) :D. The great thing is that you can also contact the seller about custom orders. Imagine giving someone a soft toy that looks like them or someone they love this holiday season. That would be pretty cool. Made in Australia (lucky things), wicked child designs makes soft toys for all ages, not just for children. I'm 20 and I'm quite attatched to the Freaky Freddy child. His pose is pretty awesome :P. Ranging from $20 to $35, you're bound to find something that makes you smile. Here are a couple of my favourites, Dame Edna and Freaky Freddy - yes I know, an interesting pair :D.

So go shopping for the whole family at Wicked Child Designs on Now! Run!

In other news it seems that people are still going to go shopping for christmas in this economic crisis (we're all going to die the papers say :P). Tried to cut through selfridges...big mistake. I don't think I've ever seen it so crowded. And why do people feel the need to suddenly stop for no reason in a place where its very narrow and hold everyone up...twice. Grrr. I'm also very scared of being cut up by women with push chairs (strollers to the americans). There's the nice ones who just stroll by, then there's the evil ones who practically run towards you with their pram trying to run you over. :0 Woman on a mission or thats where they get their kicks? The bf reckons it's where they get their kicks, what do you think?

Whats going on around me right now: Contemplating watching have I got news for you on the iplayer and thinking I'm a definite warcraft widow. It's figgen freezing outside too. 

Friday, 28 November 2008

Black Friday sale!

Hey just a quick note to say everything in my shop is 15% off. Yeah, I don't even celebrate thanksgiving but am joining in on the giving. Happy thanksgiving people woo!

To claim your discount just type BLOG into the message to seller and you will be refunded through paypal.

Everything in my shop is under $20 before discount so theres no excuse not to buy anything, lol. 

Take care people

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Featured Seller: Lolley's

Hellooo people. You know its winter when you get a cold. The bf gave me an early christmas present, wasn't really what I was hoping for, but ah well. I will keep my box of tissues close. 

So, today's featured seller is Lolley's handmade jewelry, ideal for a Christmas present for a chic relative, or a present for yourself. Go on, you deserve it! A fan of pretty sparkly beads, Lolley's creator has had a love affair with beads since childhood. Her Etsy shop is full of
 gorgeous beaded necklaces and earrings which are a
 mix of art glass, funky retro beads and some with added swarovski. Anyone who enjoys wearing pretty beads that ooze sophistication, check out Lolley's at . Here are a couple of my favourites:

I especially like the red bead necklace! :D

I went to the Manchester Christmas market yesterday. It comes every year and I love it. I took pictures and would post them, but they're on my mobile at the other side of the room. Im all tucked up on our little sofa with my precious box of tissues and getting those pictures would require getting up. :P So instead I will rave about their food and drink. I had a beef sandwich with stuffing, mulled wine that was very fruity and sweet (good thing I have a sweet tooth) and dutch mini pancakes for dessert. It was awesome. 

And also I put the Monty the monster t-shirt up on my Etsy shop, so check it out. Find someone who will buy it from me, lol. . By the way, does anyone know how to copy and paste text into your blogger post. Mine won't let me do it the normal way. It just puts it at the bottom of the page out of the post. grrrr. I don't like typing out web addresses. 

What's happening around me right now: Sitting huddled under a duvet on our wee sofa while the bf tries to watch a documentary on iplayer while simultaneously cooking dinner. I know - a man can multi task if he wants to :P

Good morrow - yes I did just say that :D

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Featured seller: Kitt's Krafts

Hey bloggers of the world. Check it out. For all your fun accessory needs, go to Kitt's Krafts. An assortment of homemade items by a wife, husband and son team which range things from recycled notebooks, to purses, jewelry, hats, ornaments, the list goes on! Ideal if you're shopping for Christmas gifts for just about any one in your family, especially if you have a relative that is all about saving the planet by recycling. Even if you aren't into recycling, who can resist these cute little orbit note books - men or women - the bf digs them :D. Also, their son has launched his own etsy shop called Piano Fund - no guessing what he's saving up for :P Will tell you more about it in the next few weeks as he will also be one of my featured sellers. Here are a couple of my favourites:

So pay Kitt's Krafts a visit. Go on!

In other news, I have done a mini photo shoot for one of my t-shirts, didn't have much time for the others, so the first t-shirt will be up tomorrow! Here it is:
It's Monty the Monster! :D Will show some behind the scenes stuff tomorrow

What's happening around me right now: I'm trying to finish this post and my bf keeps asking me if I'd dump him if his head exploded and he didn't have any legs. Oh and not to tell you he has the man flu. :P

Good bye

Saturday, 22 November 2008

I think I can see a lightbulb above my head

So I woke up this morning and had an idea. Because I was looking for a 2009 diary (or week planner to the yanks as I have just found out) and couldn't find one I like on etsy. So I decided to get a plain one and re-vamp it with some pretty paper. I liked it so much that I decided to make some for my etsy shop. Just went on the forums on etsy to see if anyone one was interested in them, but nada. Not even a no - just no answer. So I thought I would get a second opinion here. Does anyone use one? Thought of getting one for 2009? What do you think of mine? I thought if they were successful then I could go and get more pretty paper, so for now I only have 2 choices of paper at the moment. Will have to wait and see I guess. Am thinking of having a 10% discount for anyone who reads this blog for my shop. Would anyone be up for that? I really hope people answer these questions, lol. 

Have decided that the photo shoot will be tomorrow, woo! Can't wait to put the t-shirts on the shop. :D Hope they do well because I really like them. I put my heart and soul into those things dammit. In fact, I put my heart and soul into everything in my shop. Really need to sell something soon. It's been dry since May - bah the economy sucks. Though it didn't seem to stop anyone from going shopping today. It was so busy in town I could barely move. Tried to go to the Christmas market which I love, but will have to try again on Monday when it's more quiet.

Whats going on around me right now: Me and my bf look like a right couple of nerds sitting on the sofa with our laptops while Take That blares through the wall from the next flat...and our dinner is going cold.

Better be off - answer my questions please :D

Friday, 21 November 2008

Featured seller number 2...

Starting to think about getting ready for Christmas? How organised of you! :P If you're looking for gift tags or place mats and table runners for Christmas (or maybe even thanksgiving) lunch, then pay a visit to Oodles of Creations by Beth. With Beth being an avid quilter and scrap-booker, you can find some cute baseball quilts and bits and pieces to put in your scrap books in her shop. One day I will have the time to make a scrap book. I've got a huge pile of stuff to put in one. When I do, I know where I'm getting my diecuts from. :D With a range of cards, gift tags (which can also be used as favour tags), pillows, baby gear and awesome patchwork bags, you're bound to find something for your home and Christmas activities. She also loves doing custom orders. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Love the bag! :D
So pay Beth a visit at and get yourself sorted out for Christmas. Yes I mean you - person who hasn't thought about it yet :P.

The next featured seller will be posted on Sunday. And hey hey! The photo shoot for my new line of t-shirts will be held this weekend, so that means its only 2 more days until I post the first t-shirt on my etsy shop. Keep a look out. :D

What's going on around me right now: Sitting listening to the Foo Fighters and thinking after this I'm gonna go do some uni work. Waiting for the bf to come home from business this week. Only another hour :D

See ya people.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hmm, sudden urge for mashed potato

Yes, random but ah well. Maybe i'll make some after I finish this post. Yes, I think that will do nicely. So, went out last night for the 80s thing. Was really fun. Feel sorry for my poor hair tho. Two of my friends back combed the hell out out it. I'm very low maintenance with my hair, so I think it was pretty shocked :P. My outfit turned out alright in the end - I had so much jewelry on I was literally clanking down the street, lol. In the pic, I'm the one on the left. Also wearing black leg warmers, hee hee. I love dressing up. 

So, in other news, I've decided to do featured shops every other day, that way we've got a good mix of everything. So people on my to be featured list, keep a look out - you will all be featured before the new year. 

Hmm, what else is going on...I got a new book yesterday. Off Ebay. Sequel to another book I read recently. The first was called a WAGs Diary or something like that. I got it free with Glamour a few months ago so I thought, hey may as well read it. I wasn't expecting much from it but I actually really enjoyed it. Because it's a spoof about this WAG who's husband plays for Luton Town and she writes a column for a newspaper which is about advice for wannabe wags. She insists that you wear short skirts that show off your knickers and paint your faces bright orange etc. She is actually being serious about it, but everyone things she's trying to be funny. It made me laugh so much. So I got the sequel where she goes to LA, so that should be funny. I love to read light hearted books to make a change from all the uni work I do.

Well thats all I can think of for now - not so much going on in the crafty genre today. More this weekend when I do the photo shoot. 3 more days til the launch :D

What's going on around me right now: Well it's really dark cos I've been sitting here awhile so I need to turn on the light. And the Goo Goo Dolls are playing. Going to go make some mashed potato. 

Good morrow

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

First featured seller!

The ball is rolling. I have a long list of featured sellers. It's gonna have to be one every day. Phew. I think I can handle it. And where better to start then with Little Pink Plum. Mirrors, magnets and pendants made with pretty paper. And the paper definitely is pretty. Little Pink Plum also has a second shop called Indigo Bay Designs where she sells the majority of her awesome pendants...where I am seriously considering getting one. I'll just ignore the little voice in my head saying "you're a poor student with no money". :D New to Etsy early this year and based in California USA, the products are  delight to look at - and who doesn't need a pocket mirror? I've lost count of the amount of times I've gotten home to find stuff on my face, lol. The pendants on Indigo Bay Designs are actually scrabble tiles if you look at the back of them - how cool! And the chains are sold separately in the shop, which is ideal if you already have a load of spare chains... like I do...hmm, must check paypal account for money :D. Also, pendants and mirrors come to you in organza bags, awesome if they're gifts. Shop at Little Pink Plum and Indigo Bay Designs, ideal for affordable, cute little gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. 
Here are my two favourites:

Little Pink Plum:
Indigo Bay Designs:

Thats all for now - come back tomorrow for another featured seller.

What's happening around me right now: Looking out the window its another lovely grey Manchester day. And I should probably go do some uni work.

Ta-ra (I'm originally from yorkshire :D)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Nic nacs and nasty crisps

So, I'm sitting here by myself watching some tv and eating some questionable crisps because my bf is away on business. I'm really not sure about these crisps, they're salt and cracked pepper flavoured - but i just keep on eating. Ah well, so on to some updates.

Must get into the swing of advertising ones self again. I did loads over the summer, but since im in my final year of uni now, ive got to do that aswell. :D A great start will be spreading the word about this blog and getting some shops to feature on here. Any takers?

So I decided to get out my boxes of jewelry nic-nacs the other day and do something creative. After sorting through my box (which is a ferrero rocher box btw, lol), I found a few charms I fancied working with and this is what I came up with:

It's a really long necklace as well. Yuck - ok, am stopping with the crisps. Here's a closer view of the smaller charms:

And next to it is a pic of some sandal earrings. Hadn't used them before because I didn't think I could get a jump ring through. Well, apparently I can :D

Should hopefully be adding these to the shop when I get some good photos of them. Will save them for after the t-shirts are introduced next week.

Went to Primark today - the haven for poor students. Had to pick up a couple of things for my outfit for tomorrow night. I'm going to an 80s themed night :D Didn't have a whole outfit for it in my wardrobe (or actually on my rack - I don't have a wardrobe), so I got a ra ra skirt and a sequined bolero. Oh and some bright pink footless tights. It's gonna be awesome. Will have to post some pictures later this week.

Well thats all for now. Stay tuned. The "photo shoot" for the t-shirts will be taking place this weekend when my bf returns home. Kinda hard to model the t-shirts and take decent pictures of them at the same time :D.

What's happening around me right now: Stopped eating the crisps and am now watching Location Location Location (for those non UK readers - its a program about property and helping people find houses). It's my vice. :D


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Welcome all...or few, we shall see

Hello there, welcome to my blog. I am Quirkz, the one woman/young-lady (i don't feel old enough to call myself a woman, and yet I'm too old to be a girl) show behind Random Quirks. It's been about 10 months since I opened up shop on Etsy back in January this year. So far, 11 sales. Hmm, should probably think about doing advertising. 

So introducing the blog. A way to give a shout out to my business, and hopefully soon, other people's. So, if you want to be the first to be featured, just give us a yell, or maybe just a poke - I jump at loud noises. 

So, coming up on the blog...ooh exciting, will be a quick peek at my place - because its just so pretty, a sneaky peak at my new t-shirt line and a behind the scenes look at the "photo-shoot" for it. Plus, I will have a go at creating a weekly post where I look around the internet and find cool stuff for you to look at. Maybe some gift guides since we're coming close to Christmas. Any other ideas would be awesome too. 

What's happening around me right now: Waiting for my dinner to cook while my boyfriend/co-habiter gets angry at how long his new game is taking to load (about 3 hours) :D.

Until next time,
Good morrow.