Sunday, 23 November 2008

Featured seller: Kitt's Krafts

Hey bloggers of the world. Check it out. For all your fun accessory needs, go to Kitt's Krafts. An assortment of homemade items by a wife, husband and son team which range things from recycled notebooks, to purses, jewelry, hats, ornaments, the list goes on! Ideal if you're shopping for Christmas gifts for just about any one in your family, especially if you have a relative that is all about saving the planet by recycling. Even if you aren't into recycling, who can resist these cute little orbit note books - men or women - the bf digs them :D. Also, their son has launched his own etsy shop called Piano Fund - no guessing what he's saving up for :P Will tell you more about it in the next few weeks as he will also be one of my featured sellers. Here are a couple of my favourites:

So pay Kitt's Krafts a visit. Go on!

In other news, I have done a mini photo shoot for one of my t-shirts, didn't have much time for the others, so the first t-shirt will be up tomorrow! Here it is:
It's Monty the Monster! :D Will show some behind the scenes stuff tomorrow

What's happening around me right now: I'm trying to finish this post and my bf keeps asking me if I'd dump him if his head exploded and he didn't have any legs. Oh and not to tell you he has the man flu. :P

Good bye


capitolagirl said...

Cute idea with the gum packs and cards!

Piggy said...

Great article, thanks for sharing :) Love those gum pack notebooks :)

Cara said...

Boyfriends can be like that! If you are paying attention to something else, they have tons of questions. If you pay attention to them and them alone, they settle down.

My boyfriend used to change the channel if I became interested in a program. If I looked somewhere else in the room, he would try to find a program that intersted me. As soon as I became interested, he would change it. If I gazed at him, he did not change the channel at all. I secretly took notes and ran it through some data analysis programs and found a strong degree if significance.

I presented this informatin to him. He is an engineer, he was amused. We got married. I no longer even try to watch TV. I miss out on all the commercials.

Mayhem said...

I love the Orbit notepads...way cool.

Boyfriends are like husbands they do the same thing to a much more annoying degree :)

Quirks said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

It's cool now because now I have become a "warcraft widow" - he's so busy playing it - I have time to do work and make stuff, everyone wins :D

Samantha said...

Cool items, Thanks for sharing! :)

missknits said...

love monty! lol too fun! and kits shop is great! all for recycled!

erinberry said...

Very cool recycling idea!

kim* said...

neat notebooks :)