Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Featured Seller: Lolley's

Hellooo people. You know its winter when you get a cold. The bf gave me an early christmas present, wasn't really what I was hoping for, but ah well. I will keep my box of tissues close. 

So, today's featured seller is Lolley's handmade jewelry, ideal for a Christmas present for a chic relative, or a present for yourself. Go on, you deserve it! A fan of pretty sparkly beads, Lolley's creator has had a love affair with beads since childhood. Her Etsy shop is full of
 gorgeous beaded necklaces and earrings which are a
 mix of art glass, funky retro beads and some with added swarovski. Anyone who enjoys wearing pretty beads that ooze sophistication, check out Lolley's at www.lolleys.etsy.com . Here are a couple of my favourites:

I especially like the red bead necklace! :D

I went to the Manchester Christmas market yesterday. It comes every year and I love it. I took pictures and would post them, but they're on my mobile at the other side of the room. Im all tucked up on our little sofa with my precious box of tissues and getting those pictures would require getting up. :P So instead I will rave about their food and drink. I had a beef sandwich with stuffing, mulled wine that was very fruity and sweet (good thing I have a sweet tooth) and dutch mini pancakes for dessert. It was awesome. 

And also I put the Monty the monster t-shirt up on my Etsy shop, so check it out. Find someone who will buy it from me, lol. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=177720833 . By the way, does anyone know how to copy and paste text into your blogger post. Mine won't let me do it the normal way. It just puts it at the bottom of the page out of the post. grrrr. I don't like typing out web addresses. 

What's happening around me right now: Sitting huddled under a duvet on our wee sofa while the bf tries to watch a documentary on iplayer while simultaneously cooking dinner. I know - a man can multi task if he wants to :P

Good morrow - yes I did just say that :D


Terri said...

I love those green earrings they remind me of Kiwi...

Shay said...

Beautiful jewelry.

LittlePeanutShop said...

What a great shop to feature! :)

Goldtone Designs said...

♥ the green earrings!

Creative Minds said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Just wanted to let you know that we have so many exciting things going on for the month of December.
Right now we are having a BOGO sale. If you buy one week, you get one free! Email us now! We can put your store in our website so you can be ready for the month of December. creative.minds2008@hotmail.com

Lolley said...

I thought I'd leave you a BIG thank you as my Aunt Bess pendant has sold as well as two of the Murano heart pendants!