Saturday, 22 November 2008

I think I can see a lightbulb above my head

So I woke up this morning and had an idea. Because I was looking for a 2009 diary (or week planner to the yanks as I have just found out) and couldn't find one I like on etsy. So I decided to get a plain one and re-vamp it with some pretty paper. I liked it so much that I decided to make some for my etsy shop. Just went on the forums on etsy to see if anyone one was interested in them, but nada. Not even a no - just no answer. So I thought I would get a second opinion here. Does anyone use one? Thought of getting one for 2009? What do you think of mine? I thought if they were successful then I could go and get more pretty paper, so for now I only have 2 choices of paper at the moment. Will have to wait and see I guess. Am thinking of having a 10% discount for anyone who reads this blog for my shop. Would anyone be up for that? I really hope people answer these questions, lol. 

Have decided that the photo shoot will be tomorrow, woo! Can't wait to put the t-shirts on the shop. :D Hope they do well because I really like them. I put my heart and soul into those things dammit. In fact, I put my heart and soul into everything in my shop. Really need to sell something soon. It's been dry since May - bah the economy sucks. Though it didn't seem to stop anyone from going shopping today. It was so busy in town I could barely move. Tried to go to the Christmas market which I love, but will have to try again on Monday when it's more quiet.

Whats going on around me right now: Me and my bf look like a right couple of nerds sitting on the sofa with our laptops while Take That blares through the wall from the next flat...and our dinner is going cold.

Better be off - answer my questions please :D


ceejay said...

i think it's great! people will start thinking daily planners soon, as december is just around the corner.

Zingo Tots said...

Love it! I love daily planners...diaries...all. I also like your patterns.

Quirks said...

thats what I thought - and there will be more patterns coming if someone buys the first one :D

geschichtenvonkat said...

i think it looks fun, definitely something i'd carry around with me. i guess it doesn't occur to me until the beginning of january that i am going to be needing a new planner.

i've just been getting over a dry spell of sales too though, hopefully christmas shoppers will be coming soon? (!!)

p.s. hi, i'm kat :)

Quirks said...

Thanks for the comments so far. Hi Kat :D

tanyBUG said...

last year i searched long and hard for a planner that was exactly how I wanted it, but I couldnt find one so I made my own as well!

This year I will be using my ipod touch though.

I am sure there are others who will want your planners though! They look great!

Quirks said...

Thank you :D

Jess said...

I think there really pretty!
I use a diary on occasion!