Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Nic nacs and nasty crisps

So, I'm sitting here by myself watching some tv and eating some questionable crisps because my bf is away on business. I'm really not sure about these crisps, they're salt and cracked pepper flavoured - but i just keep on eating. Ah well, so on to some updates.

Must get into the swing of advertising ones self again. I did loads over the summer, but since im in my final year of uni now, ive got to do that aswell. :D A great start will be spreading the word about this blog and getting some shops to feature on here. Any takers?

So I decided to get out my boxes of jewelry nic-nacs the other day and do something creative. After sorting through my box (which is a ferrero rocher box btw, lol), I found a few charms I fancied working with and this is what I came up with:

It's a really long necklace as well. Yuck - ok, am stopping with the crisps. Here's a closer view of the smaller charms:

And next to it is a pic of some sandal earrings. Hadn't used them before because I didn't think I could get a jump ring through. Well, apparently I can :D

Should hopefully be adding these to the shop when I get some good photos of them. Will save them for after the t-shirts are introduced next week.

Went to Primark today - the haven for poor students. Had to pick up a couple of things for my outfit for tomorrow night. I'm going to an 80s themed night :D Didn't have a whole outfit for it in my wardrobe (or actually on my rack - I don't have a wardrobe), so I got a ra ra skirt and a sequined bolero. Oh and some bright pink footless tights. It's gonna be awesome. Will have to post some pictures later this week.

Well thats all for now. Stay tuned. The "photo shoot" for the t-shirts will be taking place this weekend when my bf returns home. Kinda hard to model the t-shirts and take decent pictures of them at the same time :D.

What's happening around me right now: Stopped eating the crisps and am now watching Location Location Location (for those non UK readers - its a program about property and helping people find houses). It's my vice. :D


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