Sunday, 16 November 2008

Welcome all...or few, we shall see

Hello there, welcome to my blog. I am Quirkz, the one woman/young-lady (i don't feel old enough to call myself a woman, and yet I'm too old to be a girl) show behind Random Quirks. It's been about 10 months since I opened up shop on Etsy back in January this year. So far, 11 sales. Hmm, should probably think about doing advertising. 

So introducing the blog. A way to give a shout out to my business, and hopefully soon, other people's. So, if you want to be the first to be featured, just give us a yell, or maybe just a poke - I jump at loud noises. 

So, coming up on the blog...ooh exciting, will be a quick peek at my place - because its just so pretty, a sneaky peak at my new t-shirt line and a behind the scenes look at the "photo-shoot" for it. Plus, I will have a go at creating a weekly post where I look around the internet and find cool stuff for you to look at. Maybe some gift guides since we're coming close to Christmas. Any other ideas would be awesome too. 

What's happening around me right now: Waiting for my dinner to cook while my boyfriend/co-habiter gets angry at how long his new game is taking to load (about 3 hours) :D.

Until next time,
Good morrow.

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