Saturday, 20 December 2008

Featured Seller: Collaborations

Now it's too late to shop online for Christmas, but if you're looking for a little treat for yourself (maybe to reward yourselves with coping with dealing with your family during the holidays ;) ) then take a look at Collaborations. Cute beaded jewelry and the money you pay for it goes for a great cause too. All the proceeds go towards the cause Hearts with Hope for Haiti which helps supply fresh drinking water to the schools, churches and neighborhoods of Hati. Isn't that awesome? Collaborations is run by a husband and wife team who are situated in Florida, USA and I reckon must have very big hearts themselves for doing this. :D Great jewelry and doing some good in the world. Now, you know you've got to take a look at their shop. :D Check them out at Take a look at a couple of my favourites:


I especially like the second one. The colours are beautiful. Kinda remind me of the ocean. :D

So, in other news, I got back today. Went to a Christmas lunch/party yesterday at a country pub with a load of old people. And not the fun kind, the boring drunk kind. Stayed there from 1pm to 8pm. Sooo bored. On the bright side, today after missing the train (got stuck behind a tractor, lol) and having two hours to kill, me and the bf went into the town and saw a Woolworths. Awesome, huge sale (the Brits will know what I'm talking about) and got me some more supplies for the shop. Got a huge bag of army men (green and beige) and a pack of 5 coloured dinosaurs. Cost me a pound and a penny. Score. Have decided to paint the beige army men pink and make them into charm bracelets and necklaces. Should be fun. :D

My bf ordered my Christmas gift on etsy at the beginning of the month. After the deadline for international, but there would be a chance it might arrive on time - or at least a few days after. Well they haven't actually posted it yet which I'm really not impressed with and the bf is fuming. It's been 2 weeks! Was hoping to at least get it before January. So anyway, he told me he's going to get me something else so I have something to open from him on Christmas. I've asked for a power drill - I know, totally girly! I wonder if they have them in pink (tho I do prefer purple)? It's cos I have a load of things I can use for jewelry, but just can't get holes in them. So a power drill is necessary for Random Quirks. Plus, I can't wait to see the look on my parents faces when I open a power drill on Christmas Day and act all excited :D

Whats happening around me right now: Am going to try and persuade the bf to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I've never seen it before, yay! Then maybe I'll finally get to do some jewelry making. 


The_Frustrated_Writer said...

That's cool your bf gets you etsy stuff, mine got me a guitar (to him it was either that or an xbox) but I'm not complaining =D I'd just like some cool jewelry stuff from etsy... said...

Your blog is looking great!