Friday, 5 December 2008

Featured Seller: Creations By Ingrid

It's December and its cold. Brrr. Today our featured seller is Creations by Ingrid, where you can buy one of a kind eco wear. Who's up for saving the planet? I know I am :D. Using a range of materials from denim and ties, to magazines and food packets there's something for everyone here. I personally can't decide which I love more, her fashion magazine and vinyl plastic clutches or her oh so sophisticated tweed bag recycled from a mans suit. Hmm, decisions. Everything is one of a kind, so there's no way you're gonna pass someone in the street with the same bag as you. Sounds good to me! Another of Ingrid's talents is making jewelry which is also made from recycled materials including aluminium cans, computer keys, eyelets and pop tabs. She likes to show the younger generation just how fun recycling can be and I hear her, any other youngsters about? Can't just be me :D. If you consider yourself an eco warrior or just a lover of recycled, individual accessories, I'd check out Creations By Ingrid. .

Take a look at a couple of my favourites:

In other news I'm attempting to work hard on my final two deadlines while sorting out my gift to my bf (im painting him a t-shirt) cos its his birthday tomorrow, he's 23. I can't wait for the Christmas holidays so I can focus on my shop. I want to re-take all my photos so they're brighter and look more professional. And also fill out my shop policies cos it was pointed out to me that that section wasn't filled out. Yikes! I never noticed. It's been a year! I could have lost out on sales because of that. What a dimwit I am. I'm also going to write a brief back story to each of my products, where the materials are from so people can see their character - and a couple are quite funny. That a good idea? So, yes, Random Quirks is going to be going through a revival over the Christmas holidays in time for its first birthday on the 3rd of January. Woo! One year old!

What's going on around me now: Waiting for the bf to get home. I just bought a blender from Argos (the laminated book of dreams! - points for anyone who knows what I mean by this, lol), because he decided we're making soup tonight. Hmm, I'll let you know how that goes.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I'm in love with eco-products right now :) I'm trying to find recycled papers for more of my albums.

HappY Early Birthday to your shop!!! And good luck with the soup :)

Jenn said...

I just featured Ingrid too, her work is simply amazing to me and i agree, it is hard to pick just one to love the most :)

In the middle of making chicken soup right now too yum! Winter is so all about soup in out house! Enjoy your cooking :)

Jenn said...

out = our

wow, that double meaning could be taken SO wrong lol

The Lone Beader said...

Cool! I was thinking of getting a check book cover like that one... Also, thanks for stoppin by my blog and for following! Cheers from Boston! :D