Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I got featured! and in other news, my brain is going to explode

Just a quick note to be happy about being featured! Yay :D. Crafts by Candice have featured my black ankle boot earrings on her blog, check it out at

I think thats the first thing I've been featured in. Awesome.  Though it's only just started, I reckon its going to be a pretty good blog. I'm definitely following it

In other news, am close to getting 100 hearts on my etsy shop, woo! And I'm working hard on freaking out at uni. Just handed in a group report today - only just on time after working on it for a final 4 hours on it that day and have come to the conclusion that I hate group work. One down, 2 more deadlines to go. One 2500 word assignment, then my research project - which is half of my dissertation (final year individual project on a subject of your choice) - 4500 words. Gah. I'm sure there's loads of people in the same boat as me right now - my message to them - "I feel your pain".

Anyway, must go - apparently I need to relax and rest my brain cos the bf says he doesn't want to find blown up brain all over the house. I kinda get his point.

Whats happening around me right now: Just finished watching Some Like it Hot - I like the oldies and trying to coax myself off the sofa and off to bed. It's twenty to 10 at night. Been awhile since I went to bed this early. Awesome. 

Good night!

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