Monday, 8 December 2008

I'm doing the happy dance

Finally my dry spell of no sales since May has ended! :D Today someone bought my tea rocks necklace from my etsy shop. I'm really happy. Now just got to remember my process, lol. I'll head over to the post office later, which luckily I already know where it is, cos this is the first sale I had since I moved. So thats gonna give me something else to do other than write a final 1500 words for my report on internationalisation. Ah the fun :D. It's not due til wednesday but i want to get it in on tuesday so I can go over to Sheffield to see my mum, brother and grandma. 

And in other news me and the bf made the soup. It was butternut squash and stilton cheese. Was really nice - but the state of our kitchen after. Dear lord! Me and my bf + a blender = big mess. Our poor kettle took the worst of the blast, though the walls and cupboards didn't have an easy ride either lol. 

Even though we made a big mess, we got a pretty good soup out of it. It was delicious. 

On the bf's birthday we decided to go to the Manchester Science museum which was great. We really enjoyed it and are definitely going to go back because the Manchester Underground bit was closed for refurbishment. I love Science museums. In my first year at uni, we went to the one in London and that was awesome. I really need to take more advantage of the museums here. Especially Urbis which is practically on our doorstep.

Yesterday, we went into town for a christmas tree. Argos we
re out of cheap ones, so feeling dejected, we wandered back home. But going through Next we saw this awesome black five foot one. We thought it was cool so we bought it. Not a bad price either. We decked it out in my fairy lights which were insanely long so it had to be wrapped numerous times around the tree, lol. When I see my mum on wednesday she's bringing my baubles from home so the tree will look a little less naked on wednesday. Oh and we didn't have a fairy so we stuck this penguin puppet the bf gave me last year on top :D Gotta love cheap student trees.

What's going on around me right now: Nothing much, completely silent. I slept on my hair funny so I look delightfully special, nothing a shower can't fix. It's raining (of course) so am gonna have to bring my umbrella with me when I go to the post office. Woo! Sale!



SleightGirl said...

Congrats on your sale!

And I love science museums too...they are so much fun!

Michelle said...

yaaay! congrats on the sale!!

Michelle said...

In order to make your photo click to something, after you upload it to your blog click on it. It will highlight it. Then click on the little icon of a green globe. A box will pop up, enter the link where you want people to be directed to when they click on your photo. :)

If you want to link certain words then you HIGHLIGHT the word you want people to click on and then you click the little globe button and do the same thing :)

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask! I would love to try and help!

Quirks said...

thanks sleightgirl, and thanks michelle for telling me how to do that. Thats gonna make things so much easier now :D

Expressions By Devin said...

Congrats on your sale.that exciting.Happy sales to you:0)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Yay, on your sale. Sure feels good, doesn't it?:)