Thursday, 18 December 2008

Oh the poor trees!

Well, it's finally done. The first half of my final year research project. All 4500 words of it. But this lead to the most stressful day ever! Sure I got it done a day early, but I have to have it in at 8.30 tomorrow so I can catch a train which is literally unmissable. I think I'll actually be shot if I miss it. 

So I've had a printer since my first year which has been very useful as the university printer is a rip off. But I think it knows when I have a deadline, because it always plays up. Well today it printed one copy, but the last few pages were bad because it ran out of ink. So ok, changed the ink cartridge. But then it just refused to print no matter what I did. Start to panic because I need to get this thing printed out twice, bound (or put in some kind of a file) and handed in by 5 when the handing in office closes. 

I think for a minute and decide I'll just have to print it out at uni. I quickly go to town and pick up one of those special files just in case I can't get it bound (forgetting that I actually need 2!). So I make the 30-40 minute journey to my campus to find that the binding office is closed AND
 so has the handing in office. Turns out they now close at 4.30. Bah! Fine I say, since they open at 8.30, I shall just put them in the special file and come back for 8.30 on the dot. My train is at 9.30 - I'll be ok. 

So my journey continues to the library where I have to credit my printing account so I can print stuff. £2 should be fine, its 5p a sheet. Ok, print out one copy. Oh my god! What are those things instead of page numbers?! And the price has gone up?! The page numbers looked fine on screen but kept printing out funny. Long part of the story short, I go through about £7/8 worth of money and paper. I finally get the two copies I need after typing out the page numbers by hand (there were a lot). But I have a HUGE pile of paper which I am not throwing away because I am very poor and I paid for it dammit! So I've got scrap paper to last me a life time (see the picture at the top). Any ideas of what to do with it? :D Doodles!

So I got it printed out and went back into town on the way home after realising that I needed another of those files, lol to find the place where I had got the other one w
as shut as was every other shop apart from Tesco. Gotta love Tesco. So I had no choice but to get one from there - it really doesn't match the other one (its blue and the other is white) and its one of those where every individual page is wrapped up. Imagine try
ing to mark that. Sorry supervisor and other marker person :S

So it's over with once I hand it in tomorrow. I'm gonna be one cranky girl tomorrow having to get up early and all. Ah well. On the bright side it's the Christmas holidays and I can now focus on my etsy shop. Woo! I got a load of beauties from ebay to make stuff with today. Can't wait to start putting it all together. Lookie!

I'm gonna have to attack this lot when I get back on saturday, woo! I also managed to finish painting my two friend's t-shirts for their Christmas presents. Being my ditzy self I forgot to take a photo of the second one which was of a rainbow (my mate loves rainbows), but I did take a picture of the other which is my favourite. It originated from a sketch I did on my bf's pad of paper ages ago which I just found the other day. It made me laugh so I used it for my friend's t-shirt and added the text as an afterthought. 

It made me and the bf smile: Don't anger the duck! Lol. I must say that these pictures have taken so long to load, I have already started playing with my new supplies. Can hardly blame me though :D. 

What's going on around me right now: It's almost one in the morning. I am back to my night owl ways. Trying to avoid thinking I've got to be handing in my report at 8.30. Still haven't packed for tomorrow either. Oh well. Good night people. Next post will probably be a featured seller. My list is slowly getting shorter. 

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Rose said...

HUGS! I know exactly how you feel lol. Why do printers always act up ONLY when you really need them? Enjoy your holiday and relax creating some new things for your shop!