Monday, 29 December 2008

Where the weather is warm

Yup, I'm sitting here wearing shorts and its December. That blows my mind :D I am in sunny Florida, staying in my parents holiday home, woo! Even though I've been here a few days I'm still in jet-lag mode. How do I know this? Well its 9 in the morning and I am choice. My bf says that I am the most anti morning person he has ever seen. Proud I'm sure :D. 

The annoying thing about this place is that because of the economy everything looks so expensive now, grr. Great time to go supply shopping. I figured I'd better grab a few things I can't get back home since you guys have an awesome craft scene here. Last time my parents came to Florida and I asked them to bring me some fabric back (I wanted edgy stuff with flowers, skulls, etc) they came back with a load of kiddy flannel stuff with kittens and dinosaurs. Hmm. Found some of it useful - the rest I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll ebay the ones I don't need so that someone who does need it will get it.

So far I've found a load of chain in Claire's which was supposed to be a necklace but not anymore, lol. I'm in full work mode with the shop, fixing some stuff that doesn't have any hearts into something a little more interesting, making new stuff etc. Turns out the paint I got to paint my toy soldiers pink (warlock purple from a geek shop, lol) chips off quite easily, so I thought ok, will cover in clear nail varnish. So I put some on one yesterday and the weirdest thing happened. The pink paint kinda disintegrated. It just wore away. So am gonna have to find a solution for that problem. Back to the geek shop!....when I get back in January. 

The great thing about being in Florida with my family apart from getting to spend more time with them is that it gives my brother and me more time to work on the photos for my shop. It's all happening :D

What's going on around me right now: Dad's fixing the blinds and everyone is sitting around on their laptops like a big techno family. The bf is still asleep - I think there's been a role reversal there, lol. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


The_Frustrated_Writer said...

Sounds like you're having a ton of fun! And yeah once I asked my mom to get me some supplies and she came back with kiddie flannel fabric so I guess it's a parent thing =D

Maren at Ionascloset said...

What a lovely holiday - I'm buried under two feet of snow, so I'm quite jealous of your sunny getaway!

Have fun shopping for supplies! :)

UxCritter said...

Ah Florida, wish I were there now! Do share if you found any good supply shops while you were there. I didn't get much time to look around but maybe next time I'm down if you can tell me specific shops to go to that would be GREAT! ~ Ux