Friday, 12 December 2008

Who needs sleep?...or do I?

I currently have the song, Who needs sleep, by Barenaked Ladies going round in my head and for good reason. It's after 1am here in the UK and I'm still awake. Though the lack of blogging in the past week has been because I have been sleeping. I just couldn't stop. I slept for 12 hours at one point and would have slept more but I dragged myself up. I've missed today and yesterdays lectures and feel really guilty. I just keep telling myself I'll make up the work. One more deadline to go next week and I'm free for the Christmas holidays. Woo. Ironically now, I can't sleep, lol.

Though all my sleeping has kept me down, things are looking up. My bf came home today after being away all week again. And I'm gonna get to keep him until Wednesday at least. :D One more week of uni left before Christmas. I saw some of my family on Wednesday and my brother who's into photography and has an awesome camera has agreed to take some photos of my current stock in my etsy shop. 

I didn't waste these last 2 days completely as I worked on my shop a bit. Just working through my improvement to do list (I love lists!). I put a bit more background of where I got my materials from in the description, used all my tags on each and lowered all my shipping prices slightly. I figure they were quite high for my stuff which is quite small. The big improvement will be the pictures. That and making some new fresh stock, which I have taken into hand this week. 

My lovely grandma let me raid her button tin and I got some really cute vintage stuff. Not a very good picture I do apologise. A lot of it will be used for the shop, but a couple of things I'll make into necklaces for me. For example, the three buttons on the left were from my grandmas going away outfit when she married my grandad around 50 years ago. My grandad passed away 3 years ago around this time of year so these buttons really mean a lot. There's no way I could sell them. It will be nice to have them as a keepsake, something wearable, a necklace I think. 

The cute ladybird buttons at the bottom left will make rather fetching earrings I reckon. Just need to get some more wire for them, and the rest of the buttons so I can make more creations for the shop. I reckon they will be more in the style of my Vintage style ducks and flowers necklace. Just to make my shop a bit more eclectic. :D Woo, I actually linked to something. Thanks to Michelle of Michelles Charm World (ooh I did it again! lol) for telling me how :D. Now must go and link all my past posts, especially the ones with featured sellers.

Well, I think thats all for now. My next post will be a featured seller.

Whats going on around me right now: well its quarter to 2 in the morning (yes I write slow), once again it is raining and the bf is sleeping next to me. He's one of those morning people. Apparently I am not and am quite aggressive (I prefer to use the word cranky) if woken up early. :D


Piggy said...

Cute buttons! :) Your Etsy shop is so cute :)

Mayhem said...

I'm a morning person and my husband is soo not :)

Your button picture...while not being clean and clear is still really nice to's very warm.

Crystal Raen said...

Love the buttons!!!

Quirks said...

thanks - that pic was taken at night so tis all the lights in my flat :D

kimforbeads said...

I collect buttons, you have some great ones. I do love the lady bugs. I have been staying up late for the last two months. I need to sleep too, great blog.

Pink said...


I hope you don't mind but I'm tagging you to list 7 facts about yourself so we can get to know each other better.

The rules and such are on my blog.

P.S. Nice buttons =)