Monday, 29 December 2008

Where the weather is warm

Yup, I'm sitting here wearing shorts and its December. That blows my mind :D I am in sunny Florida, staying in my parents holiday home, woo! Even though I've been here a few days I'm still in jet-lag mode. How do I know this? Well its 9 in the morning and I am choice. My bf says that I am the most anti morning person he has ever seen. Proud I'm sure :D. 

The annoying thing about this place is that because of the economy everything looks so expensive now, grr. Great time to go supply shopping. I figured I'd better grab a few things I can't get back home since you guys have an awesome craft scene here. Last time my parents came to Florida and I asked them to bring me some fabric back (I wanted edgy stuff with flowers, skulls, etc) they came back with a load of kiddy flannel stuff with kittens and dinosaurs. Hmm. Found some of it useful - the rest I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll ebay the ones I don't need so that someone who does need it will get it.

So far I've found a load of chain in Claire's which was supposed to be a necklace but not anymore, lol. I'm in full work mode with the shop, fixing some stuff that doesn't have any hearts into something a little more interesting, making new stuff etc. Turns out the paint I got to paint my toy soldiers pink (warlock purple from a geek shop, lol) chips off quite easily, so I thought ok, will cover in clear nail varnish. So I put some on one yesterday and the weirdest thing happened. The pink paint kinda disintegrated. It just wore away. So am gonna have to find a solution for that problem. Back to the geek shop!....when I get back in January. 

The great thing about being in Florida with my family apart from getting to spend more time with them is that it gives my brother and me more time to work on the photos for my shop. It's all happening :D

What's going on around me right now: Dad's fixing the blinds and everyone is sitting around on their laptops like a big techno family. The bf is still asleep - I think there's been a role reversal there, lol. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it :D 

Well it will be a couple of days before I post again because I'm going on a very spontaneous holiday for new years. It's gonna be a long journey so I'll post once I get there. Not saying where I'm going til I get there tho. :D Let the guessing begin, lol.

Well once again merry christmas whatever you're all doing.

What's going on around me right now: Just sitting in the living room back in my family home half watching Royale Family. Can't move - eaten too much. Hmm, thinking I'd better go pack - we're leaving early tomorrow. 

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Featured Seller: Collaborations

Now it's too late to shop online for Christmas, but if you're looking for a little treat for yourself (maybe to reward yourselves with coping with dealing with your family during the holidays ;) ) then take a look at Collaborations. Cute beaded jewelry and the money you pay for it goes for a great cause too. All the proceeds go towards the cause Hearts with Hope for Haiti which helps supply fresh drinking water to the schools, churches and neighborhoods of Hati. Isn't that awesome? Collaborations is run by a husband and wife team who are situated in Florida, USA and I reckon must have very big hearts themselves for doing this. :D Great jewelry and doing some good in the world. Now, you know you've got to take a look at their shop. :D Check them out at Take a look at a couple of my favourites:


I especially like the second one. The colours are beautiful. Kinda remind me of the ocean. :D

So, in other news, I got back today. Went to a Christmas lunch/party yesterday at a country pub with a load of old people. And not the fun kind, the boring drunk kind. Stayed there from 1pm to 8pm. Sooo bored. On the bright side, today after missing the train (got stuck behind a tractor, lol) and having two hours to kill, me and the bf went into the town and saw a Woolworths. Awesome, huge sale (the Brits will know what I'm talking about) and got me some more supplies for the shop. Got a huge bag of army men (green and beige) and a pack of 5 coloured dinosaurs. Cost me a pound and a penny. Score. Have decided to paint the beige army men pink and make them into charm bracelets and necklaces. Should be fun. :D

My bf ordered my Christmas gift on etsy at the beginning of the month. After the deadline for international, but there would be a chance it might arrive on time - or at least a few days after. Well they haven't actually posted it yet which I'm really not impressed with and the bf is fuming. It's been 2 weeks! Was hoping to at least get it before January. So anyway, he told me he's going to get me something else so I have something to open from him on Christmas. I've asked for a power drill - I know, totally girly! I wonder if they have them in pink (tho I do prefer purple)? It's cos I have a load of things I can use for jewelry, but just can't get holes in them. So a power drill is necessary for Random Quirks. Plus, I can't wait to see the look on my parents faces when I open a power drill on Christmas Day and act all excited :D

Whats happening around me right now: Am going to try and persuade the bf to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I've never seen it before, yay! Then maybe I'll finally get to do some jewelry making. 

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Oh the poor trees!

Well, it's finally done. The first half of my final year research project. All 4500 words of it. But this lead to the most stressful day ever! Sure I got it done a day early, but I have to have it in at 8.30 tomorrow so I can catch a train which is literally unmissable. I think I'll actually be shot if I miss it. 

So I've had a printer since my first year which has been very useful as the university printer is a rip off. But I think it knows when I have a deadline, because it always plays up. Well today it printed one copy, but the last few pages were bad because it ran out of ink. So ok, changed the ink cartridge. But then it just refused to print no matter what I did. Start to panic because I need to get this thing printed out twice, bound (or put in some kind of a file) and handed in by 5 when the handing in office closes. 

I think for a minute and decide I'll just have to print it out at uni. I quickly go to town and pick up one of those special files just in case I can't get it bound (forgetting that I actually need 2!). So I make the 30-40 minute journey to my campus to find that the binding office is closed AND
 so has the handing in office. Turns out they now close at 4.30. Bah! Fine I say, since they open at 8.30, I shall just put them in the special file and come back for 8.30 on the dot. My train is at 9.30 - I'll be ok. 

So my journey continues to the library where I have to credit my printing account so I can print stuff. £2 should be fine, its 5p a sheet. Ok, print out one copy. Oh my god! What are those things instead of page numbers?! And the price has gone up?! The page numbers looked fine on screen but kept printing out funny. Long part of the story short, I go through about £7/8 worth of money and paper. I finally get the two copies I need after typing out the page numbers by hand (there were a lot). But I have a HUGE pile of paper which I am not throwing away because I am very poor and I paid for it dammit! So I've got scrap paper to last me a life time (see the picture at the top). Any ideas of what to do with it? :D Doodles!

So I got it printed out and went back into town on the way home after realising that I needed another of those files, lol to find the place where I had got the other one w
as shut as was every other shop apart from Tesco. Gotta love Tesco. So I had no choice but to get one from there - it really doesn't match the other one (its blue and the other is white) and its one of those where every individual page is wrapped up. Imagine try
ing to mark that. Sorry supervisor and other marker person :S

So it's over with once I hand it in tomorrow. I'm gonna be one cranky girl tomorrow having to get up early and all. Ah well. On the bright side it's the Christmas holidays and I can now focus on my etsy shop. Woo! I got a load of beauties from ebay to make stuff with today. Can't wait to start putting it all together. Lookie!

I'm gonna have to attack this lot when I get back on saturday, woo! I also managed to finish painting my two friend's t-shirts for their Christmas presents. Being my ditzy self I forgot to take a photo of the second one which was of a rainbow (my mate loves rainbows), but I did take a picture of the other which is my favourite. It originated from a sketch I did on my bf's pad of paper ages ago which I just found the other day. It made me laugh so I used it for my friend's t-shirt and added the text as an afterthought. 

It made me and the bf smile: Don't anger the duck! Lol. I must say that these pictures have taken so long to load, I have already started playing with my new supplies. Can hardly blame me though :D. 

What's going on around me right now: It's almost one in the morning. I am back to my night owl ways. Trying to avoid thinking I've got to be handing in my report at 8.30. Still haven't packed for tomorrow either. Oh well. Good night people. Next post will probably be a featured seller. My list is slowly getting shorter. 

Monday, 15 December 2008

I've been tagged!

Wow, I'm excited - I've never been tagged before :D.  I got tagged by Pink Chevalier

Here's the official rules:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog; some random, some weird
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as their links to their blogs
4. Let them know they have been "tagged" by leaving them a comment on their blog.

My 7 facts, here we go!

1. I lived in Egypt when I was 10 and went to an American school there for 5 months. When returning to England I had a full blown american accent for 6 years after. Still get bits of it today. 

2. Adding to the weirdness, I also have a bit of Scottish in my accent after living there for 5 years.

3. I have a fetish for stationary. Paperchase is my temple.

4. When I lived at home one of my favourite hobbies was scaring my parents by wearing as many colours at once as possible. They like beige. 

5. I dislike people who randomly stop on busy streets

6. When I eventually get a cat, I want to call it Dave

7. I don't like airplane food, but rather enjoy opening up all the little boxes and packets.

So thats it. Here are the people I tagged:

And a special tag to my bf who is upset that I didn't tag him...even though he doesn't have a blog. There, you happy now? He says he's happy... Special. 

Whats going on around me right now: Just realised that I have very little time to do everything I want to do before I go out tonight. Like paint 2 t-shirts for my friends Christmas presents. Will take some pics of them for my next blog. Byes!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Featured Seller: Hidden Treasure

Featured seller today, Hidden Treasure, or maybe not so hidden anymore (a sample of my lame humor). Looking for some gorgeous handcrafted jewelry? Look no further than Hidden Treasure, an Aladdin's cave of handcrafted beauties; necklaces, earrings, bracelets and cell phone charms. A self taught jewelry maker who sees it as a way to relax and get creative, Hidden Treasure's owner began beading after receiving a beginners bead kit from her mum. She opened this shop in June of this year after making too much jewelry that any one person could own :D Ideal for some last minute shopping,  reckon her jewelry could suit just about any woman in your family, be it mother, daughter, grandma, auntie, niece, cousin...are their any more basic female relatives? I think thats it. Also friends and partners. Anyone can enjoy this jewelry. I love this strawberry necklace, so cute! Here are a couple more of my favourites:

Two of my favourite things, butterflies and purple. Love these. So go and check out Hidden Treasure at

So we were supposed to have visitors today, but they couldn't come in the end, so me and the bf fell asleep til 1pm. Not much else going on right now. I'm in a very relaxed mood. 

Whats going on around me right now: Watching Supernanny, lol and have a sudden craving for cheese. Hmm, cheese

Friday, 12 December 2008

Who needs sleep?...or do I?

I currently have the song, Who needs sleep, by Barenaked Ladies going round in my head and for good reason. It's after 1am here in the UK and I'm still awake. Though the lack of blogging in the past week has been because I have been sleeping. I just couldn't stop. I slept for 12 hours at one point and would have slept more but I dragged myself up. I've missed today and yesterdays lectures and feel really guilty. I just keep telling myself I'll make up the work. One more deadline to go next week and I'm free for the Christmas holidays. Woo. Ironically now, I can't sleep, lol.

Though all my sleeping has kept me down, things are looking up. My bf came home today after being away all week again. And I'm gonna get to keep him until Wednesday at least. :D One more week of uni left before Christmas. I saw some of my family on Wednesday and my brother who's into photography and has an awesome camera has agreed to take some photos of my current stock in my etsy shop. 

I didn't waste these last 2 days completely as I worked on my shop a bit. Just working through my improvement to do list (I love lists!). I put a bit more background of where I got my materials from in the description, used all my tags on each and lowered all my shipping prices slightly. I figure they were quite high for my stuff which is quite small. The big improvement will be the pictures. That and making some new fresh stock, which I have taken into hand this week. 

My lovely grandma let me raid her button tin and I got some really cute vintage stuff. Not a very good picture I do apologise. A lot of it will be used for the shop, but a couple of things I'll make into necklaces for me. For example, the three buttons on the left were from my grandmas going away outfit when she married my grandad around 50 years ago. My grandad passed away 3 years ago around this time of year so these buttons really mean a lot. There's no way I could sell them. It will be nice to have them as a keepsake, something wearable, a necklace I think. 

The cute ladybird buttons at the bottom left will make rather fetching earrings I reckon. Just need to get some more wire for them, and the rest of the buttons so I can make more creations for the shop. I reckon they will be more in the style of my Vintage style ducks and flowers necklace. Just to make my shop a bit more eclectic. :D Woo, I actually linked to something. Thanks to Michelle of Michelles Charm World (ooh I did it again! lol) for telling me how :D. Now must go and link all my past posts, especially the ones with featured sellers.

Well, I think thats all for now. My next post will be a featured seller.

Whats going on around me right now: well its quarter to 2 in the morning (yes I write slow), once again it is raining and the bf is sleeping next to me. He's one of those morning people. Apparently I am not and am quite aggressive (I prefer to use the word cranky) if woken up early. :D

Monday, 8 December 2008

I'm doing the happy dance

Finally my dry spell of no sales since May has ended! :D Today someone bought my tea rocks necklace from my etsy shop. I'm really happy. Now just got to remember my process, lol. I'll head over to the post office later, which luckily I already know where it is, cos this is the first sale I had since I moved. So thats gonna give me something else to do other than write a final 1500 words for my report on internationalisation. Ah the fun :D. It's not due til wednesday but i want to get it in on tuesday so I can go over to Sheffield to see my mum, brother and grandma. 

And in other news me and the bf made the soup. It was butternut squash and stilton cheese. Was really nice - but the state of our kitchen after. Dear lord! Me and my bf + a blender = big mess. Our poor kettle took the worst of the blast, though the walls and cupboards didn't have an easy ride either lol. 

Even though we made a big mess, we got a pretty good soup out of it. It was delicious. 

On the bf's birthday we decided to go to the Manchester Science museum which was great. We really enjoyed it and are definitely going to go back because the Manchester Underground bit was closed for refurbishment. I love Science museums. In my first year at uni, we went to the one in London and that was awesome. I really need to take more advantage of the museums here. Especially Urbis which is practically on our doorstep.

Yesterday, we went into town for a christmas tree. Argos we
re out of cheap ones, so feeling dejected, we wandered back home. But going through Next we saw this awesome black five foot one. We thought it was cool so we bought it. Not a bad price either. We decked it out in my fairy lights which were insanely long so it had to be wrapped numerous times around the tree, lol. When I see my mum on wednesday she's bringing my baubles from home so the tree will look a little less naked on wednesday. Oh and we didn't have a fairy so we stuck this penguin puppet the bf gave me last year on top :D Gotta love cheap student trees.

What's going on around me right now: Nothing much, completely silent. I slept on my hair funny so I look delightfully special, nothing a shower can't fix. It's raining (of course) so am gonna have to bring my umbrella with me when I go to the post office. Woo! Sale!


Friday, 5 December 2008

Featured Seller: Creations By Ingrid

It's December and its cold. Brrr. Today our featured seller is Creations by Ingrid, where you can buy one of a kind eco wear. Who's up for saving the planet? I know I am :D. Using a range of materials from denim and ties, to magazines and food packets there's something for everyone here. I personally can't decide which I love more, her fashion magazine and vinyl plastic clutches or her oh so sophisticated tweed bag recycled from a mans suit. Hmm, decisions. Everything is one of a kind, so there's no way you're gonna pass someone in the street with the same bag as you. Sounds good to me! Another of Ingrid's talents is making jewelry which is also made from recycled materials including aluminium cans, computer keys, eyelets and pop tabs. She likes to show the younger generation just how fun recycling can be and I hear her, any other youngsters about? Can't just be me :D. If you consider yourself an eco warrior or just a lover of recycled, individual accessories, I'd check out Creations By Ingrid. .

Take a look at a couple of my favourites:

In other news I'm attempting to work hard on my final two deadlines while sorting out my gift to my bf (im painting him a t-shirt) cos its his birthday tomorrow, he's 23. I can't wait for the Christmas holidays so I can focus on my shop. I want to re-take all my photos so they're brighter and look more professional. And also fill out my shop policies cos it was pointed out to me that that section wasn't filled out. Yikes! I never noticed. It's been a year! I could have lost out on sales because of that. What a dimwit I am. I'm also going to write a brief back story to each of my products, where the materials are from so people can see their character - and a couple are quite funny. That a good idea? So, yes, Random Quirks is going to be going through a revival over the Christmas holidays in time for its first birthday on the 3rd of January. Woo! One year old!

What's going on around me now: Waiting for the bf to get home. I just bought a blender from Argos (the laminated book of dreams! - points for anyone who knows what I mean by this, lol), because he decided we're making soup tonight. Hmm, I'll let you know how that goes.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I got featured! and in other news, my brain is going to explode

Just a quick note to be happy about being featured! Yay :D. Crafts by Candice have featured my black ankle boot earrings on her blog, check it out at

I think thats the first thing I've been featured in. Awesome.  Though it's only just started, I reckon its going to be a pretty good blog. I'm definitely following it

In other news, am close to getting 100 hearts on my etsy shop, woo! And I'm working hard on freaking out at uni. Just handed in a group report today - only just on time after working on it for a final 4 hours on it that day and have come to the conclusion that I hate group work. One down, 2 more deadlines to go. One 2500 word assignment, then my research project - which is half of my dissertation (final year individual project on a subject of your choice) - 4500 words. Gah. I'm sure there's loads of people in the same boat as me right now - my message to them - "I feel your pain".

Anyway, must go - apparently I need to relax and rest my brain cos the bf says he doesn't want to find blown up brain all over the house. I kinda get his point.

Whats happening around me right now: Just finished watching Some Like it Hot - I like the oldies and trying to coax myself off the sofa and off to bed. It's twenty to 10 at night. Been awhile since I went to bed this early. Awesome. 

Good night!