Sunday, 27 December 2009

The end is nigh

For 2009 that is. I must say I'm really looking forward to 2010. New year and new decade. I've got so many things I want to do and loads of things to look forward to.

But first, a quick catch up on the last month. I started work on Bench, handed in my first masters assignment and turned Random Quirks around to go from 18 sales to 30 in just under a month. It's nice to see the shop finally hit the big 30 just in time for its 2 year anniversary on the 3rd of January. Thank you to everyone who has bought from me.

This year has been a rocky but enjoyable one with lots of change. I lived in 5 different places (4 of them in Manchester - i'm now a record holder in my family, lol), I celebrated my 21st birthday, graduated from my degree then started a masters, got my first job and started a second etsy shop, Toast Rack. Busy, busy, busy. Also on a random note, my 3 favourite films this year were Yes Man, Avatar and Harry Potter 6.

My goals for 2010:

1. Lose weight as I am on the wrong side of a number too high for my height (no I'm not going to be specific).

2. Get a permanent job while doing uni then get a proper job when uni is finished

3. Do well in masters and show up to lectures more

4. Toast Rack - boost exposure and test out a new vintage section

5. Random Quirks - boost sales further, add more earrings that aren't barbie shoe ones and introduce key chains to the stock

6. Take more opportunities - say Yes more (inspired by Yes Man - awesome film)

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, I know I did :)

Friday, 13 November 2009

I miss the internet

Well it’s been a few weeks now and I still don’t have the internet. My shops have practically come to a standstill. ToastRack is going nowhere and Random Quirks is hanging on for dear life. I think I may have sorted it out though. Thanks to my handy pen drive I have started to save all my shop stuff on there so I can list new items at uni. So keep a look out at my shops, just listed a new Random Quirks item today.

With the stall, I had a good run but had to stop a week or two ago due to my work starting to pile up. Lots of term papers due in soon. The cool thing is that sitting at that stall over those weeks gave me loads of time to make new products for Random Quirks. I’ve photographed them all now so they will be coming up over the next few weeks. Especially necklaces, I made lots of necklaces.

I’ve also decided to expand my jewellery range and start making key chains after I successfully made an awesome one for myself. Plus it will give a use to all those random Barbie shoes I have stored.

Also, Halloween though awhile ago now, was awesome. I went as the Wicked Witch of the East from the Wizard of Oz - the one where the house falls on her. I wore red shoes, stripy tights, a plain dress where I had painted a house on it, and a roof on my head I fashioned out of some cardboard and a hairband. The picture isn't a really good one but it is the only full length one I had. It was a really good night :)

This weekend is my last free weekend as I will be starting my job at Bench on the 22nd. So I’m going to do a test run to the store to see how long it will take to get there, especially since I will have to take two buses. I’ve bribed peanut breath to come with me by promising mini golf and a nice meal. Woo, coupons!

I’m trying to get as much uni work done before my job as possible so we’ll have to see how that works out. In fact, I should really be working now…bye

Saturday, 17 October 2009


This week I have been MIA. Ill with what turned out to be the weirdest cold/flu I ever had. Symptoms seem to be taking it in turns to make me feel horrible. Once one has had it's fun with me, it leaves me alone only for another one to take its place. Ah well, it seems to be on its way out now :). So that means I can head back to uni on Monday.

This coming week is going to an exciting one with lots going on. As well as getting back to civilisation and out of my bed, I am moving my stuff to Manchester tomorrow to hold in my friend's house til moving day which is on Thursday! :) I can't wait. And also I get to go see an awesome comedian, Michael McIntyre on Monday :D He is amazingly funny and I really can't wait. So it's gonna be fun.

Also, I went to a recruitment day for Christmas temps for the fashion brand Bench. And I got the job! My first proper job that isn't just work experience/internships/one-offs. Woo :) The clothes aren't really my thing and a lot of chav's have taken over the brand but they've got a new range coming out which I think is really cool. I know what my uniform is going to be :) Plus it's a Manchester brand which is key for me because I really want to stay in Manchester after i graduate again. I start at the end of November so that's something to look forward to.

Coming home for the weekend, I have been reunited with some more new supplies I ordered for Random Quirks but I am still in need of some jump rings so the making of new products will have to wait until I get back to Manchester. This is going to be an awesome week :)

Friday, 9 October 2009

Just a quickie

Had to show you the photos from my stall at my university's student union. Looks like my table threw up a rainbow :). I've been doing the stall for two weeks now (4 times) and have sold 10 items so I'm really pleased seeing as it's a hell of a lot more than I usually sell. It's cool because it's free to have a table there and it's nice to see the people who buy your items. I've booked next week as well and can't wait. To celebrate, I bought some more supplies :D I lurve new supplies, they give me inspiration.

Also, my sterling silver ear wires arrived so I can start making the transfer from silver plated to sterling silver for Random Quirks. Hopefully this will encourage more customers, fingers crossed. Also I got my parents to get me a bunch of t-shirts while they were in the states, so I can paint some to put on my stall next week hopefully :) Then Toast Rack can get a look in too.

Ooh, I saw Zombieland with the bf last night. It was awesome, and slightly cheaper thanks to the coupons I got from the Fresher's Fair. I really liked the film and highly recommend it for anyone who likes comedy and zombies. :)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Marketing, stalls and imprisonment

Well, another week almost gone. Have started actual uni lectures now and the assignments look scary, oooh. At least I get to tell people I'm a post-grad :D Have been neglecting the shop and my blog slightly but have been doing some work with Random Quirks. More on that in a minute.

So I lost my flat keys on Monday, I don't know where they are but luckily someone was there to let me in. And oddly enough, my room has 2 doors, one leading into the bathroom so thats how I managed to get into my room. I decided since it was late to wait until the next day to do something about it. Bad choice. I forgot that people lock the front door behind them and so when me and my bf got up to go to uni for 9am, I realised we were locked in. My flatmate does shift work for a hospital so wouldn't be back for hours. Basically I missed a day of lectures, and so did my bf. Sorry peanut breath. Anyway, everything's all cool now and I've got a new set of keys apart from for my room but thats no problem :)

I'm just so glad that didn't happen on Wednesday otherwise I probably would have cried. Because that was the day I had a stall at MMU union for Random Quirks. I was there from 10am til 4pm and had a really good time. I only sold 4 items but I was the only stall there and lots of people stopped to look. I made a reasonable amount of money from it so I was satisfied and happy. Will show you the photos I took next week probably because I don't have access to the adapter that transfers my photos to my laptop. Even if I hadn't sold anything I would have been happy that I have some new stuff to put on my etsy shop. I have about 20 new pieces.

I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to do it again tomorrow, and then next week on Wednesday and Friday. My position in the union will be right next to the main door tomorrow as well as there being other stalls there so we'll see if that makes a difference. I can't wait :)

Plus, my parents are coming to see me on Saturday. :) We're going to go for lunch at Nandos, nom. It'll be really great to see them because its been about three weeks since I saw them. They will also be bringing a few more bits and pieces with me so I'll be able to start listing new stuff for Random Quirks again.

Now, off to make some microwave noodles :D

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Back in Manchester

Well, I have almost finished my first week back in Manchester and I have been loving it. I got to move into my temporary accommodation on Tuesday and I have had my induction for my course. There are 25 of us spread across three courses. We all do the same thing in the first term, a taster of all three courses, then we specialise in the second term, and then do our dissertations.

Though I have been completely busy this week, I have managed to set something up for Random Quirks. I have always noticed in the Student Union for my uni that there are small stalls selling bits and pieces, clothes usually. So on Thursday when I was in there with my friends, I asked what you have to do to get a stall. Apparently since I'm a student, its free! So I called them up yesterday and RandomQuirks has a stall at the Manchester Metropolitan University next Wednesday!

The only obstacle in my way is that with my suitcase, I only brought my merchandise that is on the website, nothing to make new items. So I got my brother to pack my kit in a bag and post it for next day delivery to my friends house. I'll be seeing her tonight so she said she'd bring it. So I'm going to be a busy bee trying to make enough stuff for a stall for Wednesday. I'm so happy and can't wait. I reckon if it goes well, then I'll make it a regular thing and even add my Toast Rack items to the mix.

The other great thing about being back in Manchester is seeing my friends, making new ones and best of all I'm reunited with my bf. We're going into town today before we go out with friends tonight :) Hope everyone has had a good week :)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

On the move

Well, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go. My circumstances changed yet again, so now I'm going to be renting somewhere for a month after all. Luckily, my friend's old landlady will take me for a month in a good location so thats great. I can take a bigger suitcase (the tank) and I'm staying with my friend tonight so should hopefully be getting sorted soon. The only problem with taking a bigger suitcase is that it's bigger and heavier to carry around.

I'm going to be travelling across the country by train, with one change of train, with a large heavy suitcase, a bulky plastic bag, a sleeping bag and my shoulder bag which will be carrying my laptop. Now, I'm not a particularly big or strong girl so this will be a huge challenge.

The station I'm changing at, Doncaster, has lots of stairs. I can't lift this suitcase with only one hand. Please please please let there be lifts. And thank god I have 20 minutes to get to the next platform.

I'm bringing my Random Quirks merchandise and a mini shipping kit with me so I can carry on posting if I get any sales. Depending on my internet situation, it may be harder to get now items up, but I will definitely keep re-listing. I have also brought my fabric paints with me, so orders for ToastRack will still be able to go through.

Anyway, I must say even though I have a incredibly heavy suitcase, I managed to fit in a months worth of stuff in it :) My secret? I only put 2 weeks worth of clothes in there and hope my place will have a washing machine. If not, I'm gonna have to do my washing at my bf's halls, heh.

Righty then, must be off. Got to chuck a few bits and pieces in my shoulder bag and head off to my death by lugging my possessions across the county.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

What a rollercoaster of a few days

So last you left me, I was waiting to find out about my friends house where I will be living this year. Well, where do I begin? First, it was delayed by a month, which isn't very good seeing as I start uni on monday. So, I couldn't stay with my boyfriend and had to find somewhere for a month. The search began. It was 3 days of stress and sleepless nights where I was homeless, then not homeless, then homeless again.

Yesterday I found some good news that it would only be delayed by 2 weeks. In a way that made it harder to find somewhere. And it was too long a time for my bf to put me up. So what did I do? I cried. I cried and I cried. You've got to feel sorry for my bf who was on the phone to me at the time. Crying made me feel loads better though and I texted my friend who I'm going to be living with and she said I can stay at her family home for a bit which is on the outskirts of Manchester. So the problem is solved, I'm going to Manchester on Sunday to stay with her until late next week when I will go and stay with my bf for a few days. Hopefully by the end of that, the house will be ready and we can move in.

Now, being who I am and being on the move constantly, I am very good at packing. But having to pack a small pully bag for 2 weeks, is going to be an exciting challenge. I do have a very large pully suitcase which I nicknamed "The Tank", but since I'm going to be travelling by train and staying in 2 different places, one of them being a hall of residence, there won't be any room for it. So stay tuned for: Can a fashion student fit 2 weeks worth of clothes in a small bag? We shall see how that turns out :)

So now I can get excited that I start uni on Monday :D I feel so much better now. Things are looking good. Random Quirks views are really up now :). Quite a few views are coming from Twitter as well. I realised that I'm running low on new items and since I don't know what to do with my current supplies, I bought some fresh new ones. I'm inspired.

I also decided to upgrade the earring hooks to sterling silver in a hope that that will encourage more sales, so fingers crossed. I won't be able to make any new items or switch the earring hooks until I'm all moved into the house, so it will be a couple of weeks. I can't wait :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Why re-decorate if you're just going to paint the wall the exact same colour?

There is nothing less stimulating then painting a wall the same colour it already is. I had the joy of finding this out yesterday when I was doing a favour for my parents. If I turned evil then died, my personal hell would be to paint walls the same colour they already are for all eternity. When I get my own house one day, I am painting it in different colours. :)

I got an email today saying I can enrol for uni now. So thats good. Now I just need to figure out when I start so I can decide whether I need to panic about being homeless or not. At least I know if I am homeless, my lovely bf has said he will take me in. He will be living in halls of residence, so that would be interesting considering that there is only one set of keys :P.

So, we can rearrange our Etsy shops now. Oh-kay. I don't really know what to do with it since I kinda arranged the order I list items by colour anyway. Though it was useful when I was re-listing items and they didn't list in the order I wanted them to, so thats a plus.

I made a change to Toast Rack today, with the descriptions. I only just realised that my measurements were in cm. Which is cool and all, but not so much for our friends across the pond. So I added inches so they sit along side the cm measurements. Now everyone in the world can figure out what size they are in Toast Rack. Hopefully that will encourage people to buy something.

Also, there are plenty more new items are on the way in Random Quirks so keep checking back. Nothing much else is going on, though Phantom of the Opera is on Film4 later so I'm definitely watching that :D

Thursday, 10 September 2009


I know where I'll be this year now, but that doesn't stop me from feeling like I'm not doing something. I still don't know when I'll be moving back in Manchester. So until then I don't know what I can do with myself. My routine is waking up at noon (yeah I'm a practically a vampire) and working on my shops all day while watching Sex and the City, with breaks to watch property shows on tv and job hunt. Ah, tis the life.

I need a kick up the ass (please excuse my american :P - if I had said arse then it would be english :P). The day I get the call from my friend saying her house is ready, I will gladly pack my bags at a rapid pace and get over there. Some activity on Toast Rack would be great. Twitter seems to be getting some views in though. I've asked a couple of times on the etsy forums about a Toast Rack critique and everyone who answers say it looks fine. So what can I do to get more people to look?

I miss my bf and going out with my friends. I just miss human contact. I live with my brother this summer and he stays in his room the majority of the day so I'm basically alone. At least I'm getting some Random Quirks products made. I made another couple of bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings and a necklace so thats good.

And another bright side, though I am in limbo, at least I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A light where I will have to write a 20 000 word dissertation that I am actually looking forward to writing. Isn't life funny sometimes?

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New creations

Well, I'm back from Manchester. I had a great time and can't wait to go back, which should be in the next couple of weeks. Just sent off my acceptance of my place on the masters course today so I'm happy :D Also, I sold another item on Random Quirks. I couldn't believe it because I only just had a sale recently. That never happens :) Things are picking up.

I also joined twitter (click to see my page and follow me) to get views up for both my shops and it seems to be working well so far so we shall see how that goes. Today I've been a busy bee, creating new items for Random Quirks, including this brooch that I'm not sure if I like or not. What do you think? Does it go with the rest of my shop? Along with the brooch, I made 2 pairs of earrings and a bracelet since I only have one bracelet in my shop at the moment. All made today while watching Sex and the City.

I also got excited about my masters and bought a new folder from the sale at WHSmith. It's very simple and baby blue with large white polka dots. I'm really looking forward to starting back so I can get some structure back in my life. Thank god I've had my shops this summer otherwise I think I would have gone mental. Now that I'm back from Manchester, I'm just waiting around again to see what will happen. Could use a few sales to distract me, hint hint ;). Especially for Toast Rack, no joy yet with a sale, but it is early days so I'm remaining optimistic.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I got on the masters course!

Woop! I'm so happy. No longer will I be stuck in limbo, also known as my "hometown". I've been calling up my university all day and haven't been able to get through until now when they said I had an unconditional offer :) It was decided yesterday and I should be getting a letter in the next few days. I must say that is a huge relief. A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have another year to job hunt and find someone who will hire me. All I need now is a part time job to get some money coming in so I don't have to rely so much on my parents. My dad just retired so I don't want him to have to worry about me.

I'm also really excited because this time tomorrow I'll be in Manchester, visiting my bf who I haven't seen for over a month. I can't wait. :D Today is a good day :)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hello new hardrive, colours and family!

My computer is now back on track thanks to the new hard drive. I've been backing up my files again and again since so fingers crossed I shouldn't lose any files again.

Also, as requested, I've got 2 more colours in Toast Rack, so the shop looks a bit more colourful now. They are Teal and Purple. Ooh, I likes a bit of colour. Please take a look because views have gone down since the hardrive incident happened and I couldn't add anything new. My shop is still there and needs it's first sale!

Random Quirks has had a photo makeover. I have re-done all my photos, including the t-shirts, so there are now actual pictures of the designs on t-shirts, yay. Am now working on getting photos of the earrings dangling which have also been requested thanks to the critique forums on etsy. And I got my first sale since April so I'm a happy bunny. I have also made all the barbie shoes I got into earrings and have ordered some more so I can make some bracelets. I figure the shop needs some more bracelets seeing as there is only one at the moment. I'm on the go and now have over 80 items in my shop, woo!

Still waiting on the masters, though I did call them up on Tuesday. They said wait a week to 2 weeks. Yeah...I'm gonna call on Tuesday again :D I need this masters. It's either that or hope that people buy a lot more from my shops than nothing, ha ha. I want to be able to eat, lol.

On an awesome note, my parents have moved back home so the house is alive again. That makes me smile. I don't think we've all lived in the same house for 5/6 years so is really nice to be like a proper family again. Even if it is for a short time. We're even having sunday roast! It's been too many months since I had a sunday roast. In fact, I can smell it and my stomach is rumbling, nom nom nom.

And on that note I must go, lots of things to do for my shops. Happy Sunday everyone. And happy bank holiday weekend to everyone else in the UK.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Always back up your computer!

I am a big procrastinator and this time things definitely didn't go in my favour because of it. A couple of years ago, my computer crashed and I lost everything! So after that, my dad go me a cool little gadget that will back up my computer for me. All I need to do is plug it in, not much work at all. So I used it every few months (no where near as much as I should have been) with no problems to my computer. Of course the day came last week when my hard drive keeled over and died. So all the files on my computer had gone. So I checked my back up gadget and the last time I had backed up was in early May. Luckily I only lost one main thing, but it was quite a big thing, almost my entire Toast Rack file. Not good at all. So I have a lot of work on my hands. So basically my message is ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!

In other news, I got a lot of unusual barbie shoes arrive a few days ago so I've been working hard making some new earrings because it has been way too long since I added some new items to Random Quirks. So keep checking back, new stuff is coming! And though it will be a few more days until I can add anything new to Toast Rack, what with needing to do another photo shoot since I lost all mine, new designs are coming. Even better, I know people have been asking for more colour choice to be shown in the actual photos, so I have added 2 more colours for now, with more to come. Plus I'll be getting better pictures for my t-shirt line on Random Quirks. Ooh, its all so exciting :)

I applied for my masters last week finally. Just waiting for a reply. It's been over a week since I sent off my application so fingers crossed. Also, it seems I will have to wait a little bit longer to be able to move back to Manchester. Oh well, I'm really looking forward to it, whenever I do move back. As pretty a town as I live in (Newark), it's not really so good for people my age.

Anyway, off to the supermarket cos me and my brother are out of food and he ate all my ice cream so I definitely need some more of that. So toodles for now.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Toast Rack is in the news!

Toast Rack was mentioned in Archdiva's blog!:

And Toast Rack's first treasury. Woop! Check it out:

Fingers crossed that it will be the fist of many. Keep checking the shop because new items are being added everyday.

Monday, 3 August 2009


Shoes I'm lusting after at the moment

I'll probably only have the guts to buy the flat pumps as I'm a wimp in heels. Why do they have to make them so pretty?

I want I want I want

I want
I want
I want
I need

That is all

Toast Rack

So I'm back home, rotting :D But on the bright side, I have a plan. I'm currently applying for a masters back in Manchester and will have somewhere to live, so thats good. Will be living with a couple of my friends who bought a house so that will be cool.

So, I have finally launched my new shop, Toast Rack! :D The home of illustrated hand painted tshirts with cute doodles. I was unable to get a model for some time so I had to make do with myself. I'm not a huge fan of me, hence why I cut off my head, lol. This is only my second day so we shall see how things go. But for my first week, I've got a special offer on - buy one tshirt and get another for half price. Just type in LAUNCH SALE in the message to seller and you will be refunded by paypal. I'm really enjoying myself so far with it and hope everyone else likes it too.

In other news, I had my graduation ceremony. That was fun yet nerve racking. Especially since I had bought my shoes the day before and had just realised that every time I tried walking, my feet would come out of the shoes! Thats not good when you've got to walk up on stage. I just about managed it by curling my toes as hard into the shoes as possible. Yes it was a slow walk, but I didn't fall over, woo! :D What do you expect with a bunch of fashion graduates, lol. Oddly enough with my graduation outfit, my dad picked my dress (a very classy black sack not suited for my curves, but looked awesome with a wide belt) and my mum picked out my shoes (which were pretty tho I couldn't walk in them - purple shiny snakeskin print). I find that rather amusing. They did a very good job as well.

Whats going on around me now - just in bed listening to music. I should probably get up (lazy bum) and make myself some food

Friday, 19 June 2009

The end and the beginning

I don't know what to do with my life. Simple as. I'm sure I'm not alone as there are obviously a pretty huge number of people who feel the same way. I thought when I graduated I would be more focused about what I wanted to do, but to tell you the truth now that I'm here, I couldn't be anymore lost. I found out my results a couple of days ago. I got a 2:1 on my degree, which was what I wanted so that makes me really happy :). Now what to do with it? The are a few career paths I've been considering but seeing as I've had very little work experience, I really don't know which direction to go in. And who the hell wants to hire someone in these difficult times who hasn't had any experience? Looks like I'm gonna be a starving artist. Whatever I do, I really don't want to go "home" where I'll basically sit and rot.

So, I know what the end is - graduating university. But what is the beginning? Guess I'll have to keep stumbling on in the dark to find out, lol.

One of the paths I could take is set up a business which is actually successful. Thats something I'm working on. Yes thats right, I'm opening another etsy shop. This one is going in a different direction to Random Quirks, one that isn't as niche and should hopefully appeal to more people. We shall have to see how that one pans out. Should be launching it in mid July so keep a look out, I will be mentioning it again. :)

In other news, I met Bill Bailey! If you haven't heard of him, shame on you! lol. He's this awesome comedian. Look him up online. Actually met him cos me and peanut-breath (my bf, lol) were hungry for pizza and our friend was going to pick up his friend from Bill Bailey's show. We were like half an hour late to pick her up and couldn't believe it when we saw him in an alley next to the theatre. We started frantically looking for paper and found post it notes in one of our bags. Yes, thats right, I got Bill Bailey's autograph on a post it. I'm going to frame it, lol. And we got a picture with him too! It was so awesome! So I shall remember that day as the day I got a 2:1 and met Bill Bailey. 

What's happening around me right now: listening to music in my pj's. Yes it is afternoon but I don't care, lol.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


 I am participating in the Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST~ Wednesday, June 10 - Sunday, June 14. 

Check out my YART sale section:

20% off!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Not a very good blogger am I?

Hee hee. Well, I'm making an effort. I keep looking at my blog as if I'm going to make a post but nothing comes out. Right now I'm in a place where I definitely have the time to do it, so I've got no excuse. Bloody hell, its raining again. I was really enjoying the sunny weather last week. Anyway, yeah, I've finished uni now. Just waiting for my results which will be on their way in a week or two :S Scary stuff. And if that goes well, then I'll be graduating on the 13th of July.

So now, I've got to look for jobs. It's really difficult as I'm sure it is for everyone else. Everyone wants experience, bah. Have applied to about 15 so far. Now got to start on some speculative applications. Am really really really wanting to stay in Manchester as I feel more at home here then I ever have anywhere in all my years of traveling and my 17 places I've lived in my almost 21 years. Yes theres another thing. I'm turning 21 on the 26th of this month and have just found out that two of my greatest friends from back home can't come. Its a shame cos I really wanted them to be there and my birthday is on a friday so people won't have work the next day. Ah well, I'm sure it'll turn out fine.

Now, onto Random Quirks. Am in a real improving mood with the shop at the moment. I'm in the process of tweaking photos, and removing the RQ logo watermark from them. Was just told the other day that Etsy don't put pictures with watermarks on the front page! I didn't know this. Really wish I did cos I would have taken them off a long time ago. Well, I'm doing it now, better late than never. I'm also working on the descriptions, shop policies and shipping costs sorted. And also, getting my promoting back on track. I saw such a large increase in hearts since I started promoting and posting in the etsy forums so I must keep it up if I want more sales. 

My sales have always been slow, but I feel that its just cos I haven't put enough work into finding my customers. Because they are out there. I've seen them. In fact, I just sold 2 items to my new bf's sister offline, so its just about finding where these people are and promoting. I have the time now, so I've just got to work at it. You only get back what you put in and all that. 

What's going on around me right now - am sitting in my room in halls watching the rain and waiting for Peanut-breath (my new bf) to arrive.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The days are getting longer...

And yet I can't seem to get anything done. I blame the sun. Not so helpful when exams are looming. Well, on the bright side, I have sold a pair of earrings and a necklace recently so that's got me smiling. :D I have also got my creative juices flowing and have made five new necklaces to add to the shop, shown in the picture. Now need to gather some materials to make some earrings, since I haven't made any in a while. Probably because I haven't found anything that match, lol. Still, I will be on the lookout for that.

In other news, I have moved into halls of residences. After being here a few weeks, I find that I'm a lot happier as I can see my friends a lot easier now and I don't feel so isolated. Only a couple of weeks left and when I've done my exams (all three of them are in one week - nice) I will have finished uni. It'll be nice because I'll be able to finally relax and even get some more time to get stuff done for Random Quirks. Those sales have lifted my spirits so once my exams are finished, I can get back to work, the fun kind, lol. Until then, hope people are enjoying the sunshine if its sunny where they are :P

Saturday, 21 March 2009

One week and counting!

Yes, this time next week I'll be moving into student halls of residence. Am quite excited actually. Not only that but I'll also be on my easter holidays and no more assignments to do :D Thats gonna be a great feeling. I've been slowly adding my new items to my shop. This beauty here will be up soon hopefully. I'm trying to alternatively add tshirts and jewelry to keep the shop looking neat so its been hard trying to come up with new t-shirts lol. Especially since my older jewelry keeps expiring. 

So easter's going to be all about making new stuff for the shop, getting back into the swing of promoting and of course, revision. Those are my goals. The great thing is that here in Manchester we've been getting some decent weather. So me and my friend have decided if it's sunny, we're taking our work outside to the park :) 

But for now, I'm chaining myself to my desk until Wednesday when my dissertation is due in. Got 4000 words to write and thats after I've finished analysing all the results of my research. So lots of fun had by all. 

Friday, 13 March 2009

I've been included in a treasury!

Check it out!

I've never been included in one before :D. Thanks Magria!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

And another one!

To add to my pile of new products, I have made this really cute blue bird brooch. It makes me smile. I figured I didn't have enough brooches in the shop, so I ordered a few kilt pins off of ebay. I just got them the other day so I couldn't wait to do something with them. This is definitely one of my recycled jewelry pieces as the blue chain and bird are from a necklace I bought specially and the white part is from a necklace given to me. So I can't wait to add it to my shop along with all the other new stuff I've made. I just need to make some more t-shirt designs as I'm trying to add items to the site; tshirt, jewelry, tshirt, jewelry etc. It keeps it looking tidy :D

In other news, I've got some big changes going on at the mo in my personal life which involve me splitting up with my bf and moving into halls of residence for the last term. I've also got to hand in my research project in a couple of weeks and have a poster presentation on the 20th. So once the easter holidays come around, I won't have anymore assignments and I'll be moved into my new room. Only exams to worry about, then I'm graduated :S Thats really scary. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a starving artist. Please buy stuff from me! lol. 

Right, since I'm ridiculously behind with my research project I'd better get back to it. Toodles!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

I'm back

Omg, she appears! Apologies for my lack of posting for quite some time. Won't go into it, but I've been having a few personal problems recently. Never fear though, I have returned and sold my first t-shirt this week :D. This cheers me up a lot. I'm back in my family home this weekend and my dad kindly helped me drill a few things so I could make some more jewelry. Because recently, its been all about designing the t-shirts to add to the shop. So I now have some new jewelry. Just last night in fact I made 3 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings and a bracelet. Busy bee.

So now with some motivation, I can get back into the swing of blogging, updating and promoting my shop. There is so much to say, and yet so much I don't really want to get into so I will simply say. I have been under a rock yes, but I'm back. :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Full steam ahead!

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. Too much to do rah!!!!!! :D Well, I'm back in Manchester and it only took a car, 2 planes, a train, the tube, another train and a tram for me to get home. I'm a right jet setter :D But that is what I do, I travel. It doesn't seem like I'm ever in one place for a normal amount of time. Ah well, home now.

So its been awhile cos I'm back at uni now (more deadlines looming) and I've been working hard on Random Quirks. My hand painted t-shirt line is full steam ahead now that I've come up with a better and less costly way of doing it. Even better, it now gives me some wiggle room to use a much better quality t-shirt from American Apparel (one just opened round the corner - awesome). So I've decided to make the t-shirts to order. Just showing the design and letting the customer pick their size, colour and also if its for a man or a woman. So hopefully that will encourage more sales, cos I know I get really annoyed when I see something I like but it isn't my size. Grr :D
Also, check out what my dad got me, some proper boxes to store my merchandise in :D. I was really happy, no more ferrero rocher boxes, at least for the finished pieces. Organisation makes me happy, even though I'm a messy person. 

So continuing with the doing stuff for the shop, I have gotten a flickr account (take a look), and a deviant art account (and take a look). So far, I've been enjoying deviant art, it seems to be a good place to get attention for my jewelry which is great. I'll have to see how that plays out. With flickr, apart from adding some photos, making a couple of friends and joining a couple of groups, I've haven't entirely gotten into it yet. I figure I just need to sort out a system. 

So I've got another deadline on friday, which I'm handing in tomorrow, kinda annoying really as it is part of the research project, but isn't being marked. Ah well, onwards. By the way, the sale is still on and will continue to do so until those items are sold. Check out my sale section, bargins await you.

Whats going on around me right now: All by my lonesome on my laptop with the dog whisperer on the tv in the background. Just finished watching Project Catwalk. 

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy birthday Random Quirks - special discounts!

Yup, one year ago today, my bf told me to go for it and open up an Etsy shop. So Random Quirks went online. And also one year ago today I got my first sale. Woo! 2008 has flown by for me and has certainly been an interesting one. I hope everyone had a fantastic new year!

So, 2009. I think its gonna be one of those years. I have so much to do. Like graduate university a year earlier than I thought I would, and then that brings along the next big thing, getting a job. Scary! Now I'm going to be graduating with a fashion marketing degree and have decided to give merchandising a go. But of course with the economy its going to be even harder to find a job. So that should be fun. :D

And then there's my 21st birthday in June which I will be going to Florida the month after with a group of friends to celebrate. I will finally be able to go out here in the states. Kinda funny since I've been legal at home for over 2 years :D. 

Finally, there's Random Quirks. I've got big plans for my shop with loads of new additions and ideas. I can't wait. I've already done almost all the new pictures for it, just got to upload them all. I must thank my brother who showed me how to take some good photos and manipulate them on photoshop. Check them out and let me know what you think.

 My job of 2009 will be to put some of my old items on sale for the shops birthday. There will be a 20% discount on marked items and a special promotion for my blog readers, 25% off. Discount will be refunded through Paypal after the item is purchased - just type BLOG in message to seller. I will also be getting a Flickr account and also a Deviant Art account for my shop, so lots to do! Happy new year everyone!

Whats going on around me right now: Still on holiday, woo! Loving the weather here. Watching the bf play a video game and am now off to do some Random Quirks work :D