Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Full steam ahead!

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. Too much to do rah!!!!!! :D Well, I'm back in Manchester and it only took a car, 2 planes, a train, the tube, another train and a tram for me to get home. I'm a right jet setter :D But that is what I do, I travel. It doesn't seem like I'm ever in one place for a normal amount of time. Ah well, home now.

So its been awhile cos I'm back at uni now (more deadlines looming) and I've been working hard on Random Quirks. My hand painted t-shirt line is full steam ahead now that I've come up with a better and less costly way of doing it. Even better, it now gives me some wiggle room to use a much better quality t-shirt from American Apparel (one just opened round the corner - awesome). So I've decided to make the t-shirts to order. Just showing the design and letting the customer pick their size, colour and also if its for a man or a woman. So hopefully that will encourage more sales, cos I know I get really annoyed when I see something I like but it isn't my size. Grr :D
Also, check out what my dad got me, some proper boxes to store my merchandise in :D. I was really happy, no more ferrero rocher boxes, at least for the finished pieces. Organisation makes me happy, even though I'm a messy person. 

So continuing with the doing stuff for the shop, I have gotten a flickr account (take a look), and a deviant art account (and take a look). So far, I've been enjoying deviant art, it seems to be a good place to get attention for my jewelry which is great. I'll have to see how that plays out. With flickr, apart from adding some photos, making a couple of friends and joining a couple of groups, I've haven't entirely gotten into it yet. I figure I just need to sort out a system. 

So I've got another deadline on friday, which I'm handing in tomorrow, kinda annoying really as it is part of the research project, but isn't being marked. Ah well, onwards. By the way, the sale is still on and will continue to do so until those items are sold. Check out my sale section, bargins await you.

Whats going on around me right now: All by my lonesome on my laptop with the dog whisperer on the tv in the background. Just finished watching Project Catwalk. 


Cathe Holden said...

Wow! Busy you!!
(I need a nap now.)

The_Frustrated_Writer said...

Glad you are getting that line of yours on its feet! and I didn't think that ferrero rocher boxes could do good to keep stuff in. Lol! Take care!

UxCritter said...

Oh silly, I really , really wanted to see one of your new Tshirt creations and you didnt' have ONE posted to your blog where you mention that is your new enterprise. Yikes! Oh and I am sorry I missed your Bday. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Quirky Girl! You have a FUN blog. I need to read it more often and "where are those tshirts?". ~ Ux

Quirks said...

omg, I just realised that I didn't point out the first picture in this post is one of my tshirt designs - gosh I'm special, lol

SleightGirl said...

Busy is good. Cool gift boyfriend gave me an organizer for my makes crafting so much more fun. :)