Wednesday, 11 March 2009

And another one!

To add to my pile of new products, I have made this really cute blue bird brooch. It makes me smile. I figured I didn't have enough brooches in the shop, so I ordered a few kilt pins off of ebay. I just got them the other day so I couldn't wait to do something with them. This is definitely one of my recycled jewelry pieces as the blue chain and bird are from a necklace I bought specially and the white part is from a necklace given to me. So I can't wait to add it to my shop along with all the other new stuff I've made. I just need to make some more t-shirt designs as I'm trying to add items to the site; tshirt, jewelry, tshirt, jewelry etc. It keeps it looking tidy :D

In other news, I've got some big changes going on at the mo in my personal life which involve me splitting up with my bf and moving into halls of residence for the last term. I've also got to hand in my research project in a couple of weeks and have a poster presentation on the 20th. So once the easter holidays come around, I won't have anymore assignments and I'll be moved into my new room. Only exams to worry about, then I'm graduated :S Thats really scary. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a starving artist. Please buy stuff from me! lol. 

Right, since I'm ridiculously behind with my research project I'd better get back to it. Toodles!


thecraftbegins said...

Wow I'm amazed that you've got that much stuff going on and you still have time to make! Kudos!

esque said...

That is so pretty, well done! Yes, sounds like big changes in your life! Congrats on graduating soon!