Friday, 19 June 2009

The end and the beginning

I don't know what to do with my life. Simple as. I'm sure I'm not alone as there are obviously a pretty huge number of people who feel the same way. I thought when I graduated I would be more focused about what I wanted to do, but to tell you the truth now that I'm here, I couldn't be anymore lost. I found out my results a couple of days ago. I got a 2:1 on my degree, which was what I wanted so that makes me really happy :). Now what to do with it? The are a few career paths I've been considering but seeing as I've had very little work experience, I really don't know which direction to go in. And who the hell wants to hire someone in these difficult times who hasn't had any experience? Looks like I'm gonna be a starving artist. Whatever I do, I really don't want to go "home" where I'll basically sit and rot.

So, I know what the end is - graduating university. But what is the beginning? Guess I'll have to keep stumbling on in the dark to find out, lol.

One of the paths I could take is set up a business which is actually successful. Thats something I'm working on. Yes thats right, I'm opening another etsy shop. This one is going in a different direction to Random Quirks, one that isn't as niche and should hopefully appeal to more people. We shall have to see how that one pans out. Should be launching it in mid July so keep a look out, I will be mentioning it again. :)

In other news, I met Bill Bailey! If you haven't heard of him, shame on you! lol. He's this awesome comedian. Look him up online. Actually met him cos me and peanut-breath (my bf, lol) were hungry for pizza and our friend was going to pick up his friend from Bill Bailey's show. We were like half an hour late to pick her up and couldn't believe it when we saw him in an alley next to the theatre. We started frantically looking for paper and found post it notes in one of our bags. Yes, thats right, I got Bill Bailey's autograph on a post it. I'm going to frame it, lol. And we got a picture with him too! It was so awesome! So I shall remember that day as the day I got a 2:1 and met Bill Bailey. 

What's happening around me right now: listening to music in my pj's. Yes it is afternoon but I don't care, lol.


Kat said...

I know what you mean... when things feel like they are ending, it can be hard to see a new beginning, or even to find the opportunity in an event. Stagnation is hard to get through, but there's always another side! I hope your new beginning is fruitful!

Kat said...

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Happy blogging, friend!

The Musical Kitten