Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hello new hardrive, colours and family!

My computer is now back on track thanks to the new hard drive. I've been backing up my files again and again since so fingers crossed I shouldn't lose any files again.

Also, as requested, I've got 2 more colours in Toast Rack, so the shop looks a bit more colourful now. They are Teal and Purple. Ooh, I likes a bit of colour. Please take a look because views have gone down since the hardrive incident happened and I couldn't add anything new. My shop is still there and needs it's first sale!

Random Quirks has had a photo makeover. I have re-done all my photos, including the t-shirts, so there are now actual pictures of the designs on t-shirts, yay. Am now working on getting photos of the earrings dangling which have also been requested thanks to the critique forums on etsy. And I got my first sale since April so I'm a happy bunny. I have also made all the barbie shoes I got into earrings and have ordered some more so I can make some bracelets. I figure the shop needs some more bracelets seeing as there is only one at the moment. I'm on the go and now have over 80 items in my shop, woo!

Still waiting on the masters, though I did call them up on Tuesday. They said wait a week to 2 weeks. Yeah...I'm gonna call on Tuesday again :D I need this masters. It's either that or hope that people buy a lot more from my shops than nothing, ha ha. I want to be able to eat, lol.

On an awesome note, my parents have moved back home so the house is alive again. That makes me smile. I don't think we've all lived in the same house for 5/6 years so is really nice to be like a proper family again. Even if it is for a short time. We're even having sunday roast! It's been too many months since I had a sunday roast. In fact, I can smell it and my stomach is rumbling, nom nom nom.

And on that note I must go, lots of things to do for my shops. Happy Sunday everyone. And happy bank holiday weekend to everyone else in the UK.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Always back up your computer!

I am a big procrastinator and this time things definitely didn't go in my favour because of it. A couple of years ago, my computer crashed and I lost everything! So after that, my dad go me a cool little gadget that will back up my computer for me. All I need to do is plug it in, not much work at all. So I used it every few months (no where near as much as I should have been) with no problems to my computer. Of course the day came last week when my hard drive keeled over and died. So all the files on my computer had gone. So I checked my back up gadget and the last time I had backed up was in early May. Luckily I only lost one main thing, but it was quite a big thing, almost my entire Toast Rack file. Not good at all. So I have a lot of work on my hands. So basically my message is ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!

In other news, I got a lot of unusual barbie shoes arrive a few days ago so I've been working hard making some new earrings because it has been way too long since I added some new items to Random Quirks. So keep checking back, new stuff is coming! And though it will be a few more days until I can add anything new to Toast Rack, what with needing to do another photo shoot since I lost all mine, new designs are coming. Even better, I know people have been asking for more colour choice to be shown in the actual photos, so I have added 2 more colours for now, with more to come. Plus I'll be getting better pictures for my t-shirt line on Random Quirks. Ooh, its all so exciting :)

I applied for my masters last week finally. Just waiting for a reply. It's been over a week since I sent off my application so fingers crossed. Also, it seems I will have to wait a little bit longer to be able to move back to Manchester. Oh well, I'm really looking forward to it, whenever I do move back. As pretty a town as I live in (Newark), it's not really so good for people my age.

Anyway, off to the supermarket cos me and my brother are out of food and he ate all my ice cream so I definitely need some more of that. So toodles for now.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Toast Rack is in the news!

Toast Rack was mentioned in Archdiva's blog!:

And Toast Rack's first treasury. Woop! Check it out:

Fingers crossed that it will be the fist of many. Keep checking the shop because new items are being added everyday.

Monday, 3 August 2009


Shoes I'm lusting after at the moment

I'll probably only have the guts to buy the flat pumps as I'm a wimp in heels. Why do they have to make them so pretty?

I want I want I want

I want
I want
I want
I need

That is all

Toast Rack

So I'm back home, rotting :D But on the bright side, I have a plan. I'm currently applying for a masters back in Manchester and will have somewhere to live, so thats good. Will be living with a couple of my friends who bought a house so that will be cool.

So, I have finally launched my new shop, Toast Rack! :D The home of illustrated hand painted tshirts with cute doodles. I was unable to get a model for some time so I had to make do with myself. I'm not a huge fan of me, hence why I cut off my head, lol. This is only my second day so we shall see how things go. But for my first week, I've got a special offer on - buy one tshirt and get another for half price. Just type in LAUNCH SALE in the message to seller and you will be refunded by paypal. I'm really enjoying myself so far with it and hope everyone else likes it too.

In other news, I had my graduation ceremony. That was fun yet nerve racking. Especially since I had bought my shoes the day before and had just realised that every time I tried walking, my feet would come out of the shoes! Thats not good when you've got to walk up on stage. I just about managed it by curling my toes as hard into the shoes as possible. Yes it was a slow walk, but I didn't fall over, woo! :D What do you expect with a bunch of fashion graduates, lol. Oddly enough with my graduation outfit, my dad picked my dress (a very classy black sack not suited for my curves, but looked awesome with a wide belt) and my mum picked out my shoes (which were pretty tho I couldn't walk in them - purple shiny snakeskin print). I find that rather amusing. They did a very good job as well.

Whats going on around me now - just in bed listening to music. I should probably get up (lazy bum) and make myself some food