Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hello new hardrive, colours and family!

My computer is now back on track thanks to the new hard drive. I've been backing up my files again and again since so fingers crossed I shouldn't lose any files again.

Also, as requested, I've got 2 more colours in Toast Rack, so the shop looks a bit more colourful now. They are Teal and Purple. Ooh, I likes a bit of colour. Please take a look because views have gone down since the hardrive incident happened and I couldn't add anything new. My shop is still there and needs it's first sale!

Random Quirks has had a photo makeover. I have re-done all my photos, including the t-shirts, so there are now actual pictures of the designs on t-shirts, yay. Am now working on getting photos of the earrings dangling which have also been requested thanks to the critique forums on etsy. And I got my first sale since April so I'm a happy bunny. I have also made all the barbie shoes I got into earrings and have ordered some more so I can make some bracelets. I figure the shop needs some more bracelets seeing as there is only one at the moment. I'm on the go and now have over 80 items in my shop, woo!

Still waiting on the masters, though I did call them up on Tuesday. They said wait a week to 2 weeks. Yeah...I'm gonna call on Tuesday again :D I need this masters. It's either that or hope that people buy a lot more from my shops than nothing, ha ha. I want to be able to eat, lol.

On an awesome note, my parents have moved back home so the house is alive again. That makes me smile. I don't think we've all lived in the same house for 5/6 years so is really nice to be like a proper family again. Even if it is for a short time. We're even having sunday roast! It's been too many months since I had a sunday roast. In fact, I can smell it and my stomach is rumbling, nom nom nom.

And on that note I must go, lots of things to do for my shops. Happy Sunday everyone. And happy bank holiday weekend to everyone else in the UK.


Christie Cottage said...

Cool shirt and earrings remind me of Barbie shoes. Love them!

Thanks for posting on my Sunday Blog Blast thread!

magickal_realism said...

It sounds like you got a lot accomplished - and the photos on the blog look great!

esque said...

Belated congrats on your Toast Rack launch! The shirts look delish! Need to back up my PC too! :)