Monday, 3 August 2009

Toast Rack

So I'm back home, rotting :D But on the bright side, I have a plan. I'm currently applying for a masters back in Manchester and will have somewhere to live, so thats good. Will be living with a couple of my friends who bought a house so that will be cool.

So, I have finally launched my new shop, Toast Rack! :D The home of illustrated hand painted tshirts with cute doodles. I was unable to get a model for some time so I had to make do with myself. I'm not a huge fan of me, hence why I cut off my head, lol. This is only my second day so we shall see how things go. But for my first week, I've got a special offer on - buy one tshirt and get another for half price. Just type in LAUNCH SALE in the message to seller and you will be refunded by paypal. I'm really enjoying myself so far with it and hope everyone else likes it too.

In other news, I had my graduation ceremony. That was fun yet nerve racking. Especially since I had bought my shoes the day before and had just realised that every time I tried walking, my feet would come out of the shoes! Thats not good when you've got to walk up on stage. I just about managed it by curling my toes as hard into the shoes as possible. Yes it was a slow walk, but I didn't fall over, woo! :D What do you expect with a bunch of fashion graduates, lol. Oddly enough with my graduation outfit, my dad picked my dress (a very classy black sack not suited for my curves, but looked awesome with a wide belt) and my mum picked out my shoes (which were pretty tho I couldn't walk in them - purple shiny snakeskin print). I find that rather amusing. They did a very good job as well.

Whats going on around me now - just in bed listening to music. I should probably get up (lazy bum) and make myself some food


paperhill said...

great tee!

Indy Grrrl said...

Cute top : )

Curtis Collectables :) said...

Such a cute top! I wish I could be your model.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Awesome designs! I'll be looking out for them. If you ever want a feature just let me know, I'd love to write about you and your line. Best of luck finding a model and with your masters!!