Saturday, 26 September 2009

Back in Manchester

Well, I have almost finished my first week back in Manchester and I have been loving it. I got to move into my temporary accommodation on Tuesday and I have had my induction for my course. There are 25 of us spread across three courses. We all do the same thing in the first term, a taster of all three courses, then we specialise in the second term, and then do our dissertations.

Though I have been completely busy this week, I have managed to set something up for Random Quirks. I have always noticed in the Student Union for my uni that there are small stalls selling bits and pieces, clothes usually. So on Thursday when I was in there with my friends, I asked what you have to do to get a stall. Apparently since I'm a student, its free! So I called them up yesterday and RandomQuirks has a stall at the Manchester Metropolitan University next Wednesday!

The only obstacle in my way is that with my suitcase, I only brought my merchandise that is on the website, nothing to make new items. So I got my brother to pack my kit in a bag and post it for next day delivery to my friends house. I'll be seeing her tonight so she said she'd bring it. So I'm going to be a busy bee trying to make enough stuff for a stall for Wednesday. I'm so happy and can't wait. I reckon if it goes well, then I'll make it a regular thing and even add my Toast Rack items to the mix.

The other great thing about being back in Manchester is seeing my friends, making new ones and best of all I'm reunited with my bf. We're going into town today before we go out with friends tonight :) Hope everyone has had a good week :)

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Hurlstone said...

Dear Quirks,

I'd like to invite you to a bloggers meeting. Really informal, drinks, food, goodies...

Held by Havana Rum to get some feedback on a twitter campaign they are launching.

Date is October 8th in Manchester - all welcome.

Please e-mail me if of interest.

Kind regards,

Krista x