Monday, 14 September 2009

Why re-decorate if you're just going to paint the wall the exact same colour?

There is nothing less stimulating then painting a wall the same colour it already is. I had the joy of finding this out yesterday when I was doing a favour for my parents. If I turned evil then died, my personal hell would be to paint walls the same colour they already are for all eternity. When I get my own house one day, I am painting it in different colours. :)

I got an email today saying I can enrol for uni now. So thats good. Now I just need to figure out when I start so I can decide whether I need to panic about being homeless or not. At least I know if I am homeless, my lovely bf has said he will take me in. He will be living in halls of residence, so that would be interesting considering that there is only one set of keys :P.

So, we can rearrange our Etsy shops now. Oh-kay. I don't really know what to do with it since I kinda arranged the order I list items by colour anyway. Though it was useful when I was re-listing items and they didn't list in the order I wanted them to, so thats a plus.

I made a change to Toast Rack today, with the descriptions. I only just realised that my measurements were in cm. Which is cool and all, but not so much for our friends across the pond. So I added inches so they sit along side the cm measurements. Now everyone in the world can figure out what size they are in Toast Rack. Hopefully that will encourage people to buy something.

Also, there are plenty more new items are on the way in Random Quirks so keep checking back. Nothing much else is going on, though Phantom of the Opera is on Film4 later so I'm definitely watching that :D


esque said...

Hope you get that living situation sorted out! What classes are you taking?


Digital Misfit said...

Ohhhh I agree with the painting thing! The only thing worse than painting a wall the same colour, would be if that colour was BEIGE!

Quirks said...

esque - I'm taking a masters in Fashion Marketing :)

digital misfit - Indeed it would be, shush - don't give my mum ideas, lol. She loves beige and I scare her with my rainbow colours :)

Peebs And Roo said...

But colors are so pretty! Personally, I would love to paint my walls anything other than these bland white colors, but since I live in an apartment, well they just don't allow it. (Although, my walls seem to be the perfect canvas for my son!) But, when we get a house next summer, I'm definitely NOT having white on any of my walls.

Good luck with your living situation. Hoping you don't become homeless at all!