Friday, 9 October 2009

Just a quickie

Had to show you the photos from my stall at my university's student union. Looks like my table threw up a rainbow :). I've been doing the stall for two weeks now (4 times) and have sold 10 items so I'm really pleased seeing as it's a hell of a lot more than I usually sell. It's cool because it's free to have a table there and it's nice to see the people who buy your items. I've booked next week as well and can't wait. To celebrate, I bought some more supplies :D I lurve new supplies, they give me inspiration.

Also, my sterling silver ear wires arrived so I can start making the transfer from silver plated to sterling silver for Random Quirks. Hopefully this will encourage more customers, fingers crossed. Also I got my parents to get me a bunch of t-shirts while they were in the states, so I can paint some to put on my stall next week hopefully :) Then Toast Rack can get a look in too.

Ooh, I saw Zombieland with the bf last night. It was awesome, and slightly cheaper thanks to the coupons I got from the Fresher's Fair. I really liked the film and highly recommend it for anyone who likes comedy and zombies. :)

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