Thursday, 1 October 2009

Marketing, stalls and imprisonment

Well, another week almost gone. Have started actual uni lectures now and the assignments look scary, oooh. At least I get to tell people I'm a post-grad :D Have been neglecting the shop and my blog slightly but have been doing some work with Random Quirks. More on that in a minute.

So I lost my flat keys on Monday, I don't know where they are but luckily someone was there to let me in. And oddly enough, my room has 2 doors, one leading into the bathroom so thats how I managed to get into my room. I decided since it was late to wait until the next day to do something about it. Bad choice. I forgot that people lock the front door behind them and so when me and my bf got up to go to uni for 9am, I realised we were locked in. My flatmate does shift work for a hospital so wouldn't be back for hours. Basically I missed a day of lectures, and so did my bf. Sorry peanut breath. Anyway, everything's all cool now and I've got a new set of keys apart from for my room but thats no problem :)

I'm just so glad that didn't happen on Wednesday otherwise I probably would have cried. Because that was the day I had a stall at MMU union for Random Quirks. I was there from 10am til 4pm and had a really good time. I only sold 4 items but I was the only stall there and lots of people stopped to look. I made a reasonable amount of money from it so I was satisfied and happy. Will show you the photos I took next week probably because I don't have access to the adapter that transfers my photos to my laptop. Even if I hadn't sold anything I would have been happy that I have some new stuff to put on my etsy shop. I have about 20 new pieces.

I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to do it again tomorrow, and then next week on Wednesday and Friday. My position in the union will be right next to the main door tomorrow as well as there being other stalls there so we'll see if that makes a difference. I can't wait :)

Plus, my parents are coming to see me on Saturday. :) We're going to go for lunch at Nandos, nom. It'll be really great to see them because its been about three weeks since I saw them. They will also be bringing a few more bits and pieces with me so I'll be able to start listing new stuff for Random Quirks again.

Now, off to make some microwave noodles :D

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