Saturday, 17 October 2009


This week I have been MIA. Ill with what turned out to be the weirdest cold/flu I ever had. Symptoms seem to be taking it in turns to make me feel horrible. Once one has had it's fun with me, it leaves me alone only for another one to take its place. Ah well, it seems to be on its way out now :). So that means I can head back to uni on Monday.

This coming week is going to an exciting one with lots going on. As well as getting back to civilisation and out of my bed, I am moving my stuff to Manchester tomorrow to hold in my friend's house til moving day which is on Thursday! :) I can't wait. And also I get to go see an awesome comedian, Michael McIntyre on Monday :D He is amazingly funny and I really can't wait. So it's gonna be fun.

Also, I went to a recruitment day for Christmas temps for the fashion brand Bench. And I got the job! My first proper job that isn't just work experience/internships/one-offs. Woo :) The clothes aren't really my thing and a lot of chav's have taken over the brand but they've got a new range coming out which I think is really cool. I know what my uniform is going to be :) Plus it's a Manchester brand which is key for me because I really want to stay in Manchester after i graduate again. I start at the end of November so that's something to look forward to.

Coming home for the weekend, I have been reunited with some more new supplies I ordered for Random Quirks but I am still in need of some jump rings so the making of new products will have to wait until I get back to Manchester. This is going to be an awesome week :)


Christie Cottage said...

I love the Barbie shoe earrings and the hotdog earrings too!

Thanks for posting on my Blog Blast thread.

I am following you.

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