Sunday, 7 November 2010

I'm alive and well

Just a quick note to say I'm alive and well. Just trying to figure out a shop, work, chill balance. My shops have been suffering - at least online. I took both my Toast Rack and Random Quirks stock to a vintage fair a week ago and had an awesome profitable day. I couldn't believe it. 

Work is going ok - I'm based in the shoe department so I'm kept busy. I really enjoy it a lot more than my previous retail jobs as I don't have to just stand around doing nothing. That's way too boring. I'm still keeping an eye out for other more permanent jobs - especially 9 to 5 ones. I'm really craving structure, lol. 

Toast Rack stock hunting is going amazing. In fact, I have far too much stock so I need to sell it! For example, the dress above. My small room can't take the weight of everything - it desperately needs a clear out in general. Have started listing items again and have just sold something today - yay! Must keep listing because the shop is soooo bare. By the way, I have created a facebook fan page of Toast Rack so please take a look and "like" it. Pretty please :)

If Random Quirks is more your thing, I have also made a facebook fan page for it as well. Take a look! In terms of new stock for the etsy shop, it is seriously lacking so I need to take some time and make some new jewellery sooooon. I think I have only one more necklace to put up. 

Not much else going on so I will leave you with a funny picture. Say hello to the happy seal. He or she was basking in the sunlight and looked so cute.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Feature Friday: Gleeful Peacock

What a find this week. I try and feature shops that don't have many sales but I had to make an exception this week. Meet Gleeful Peacock. You may have heard of the shop or not but either way you have to agree - the stuff in there is gorgeous! It has been really difficult to narrow it down to my two favourites to show off but I think I managed it. 

Describing herself as "a creative soul", the woman behind Gleeful Peacock is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and loves being able to call herself an artist. The shop is a mix of jewellery and hair accessories - pretty gold and silver with a colourful twist. For example, I am loving how this locket here is painted blue instead of just leaving it plain - it gives it a shabby chic quality.

Everything is reasonably priced so it's perfect for some early christmas shopping...for yourself, hee hee. Anyway, the range of hair accessories is really cool as well. Here is my favourite one below - so pretty! I'm really into headbands this year :)

I love looking through this shop and it is really cool how it is sophisticated and colourful, but not over the top. Ideal for people who like pretty romantic vintage inspired wearable art. So organise yourself and start shopping early this year - right here at Gleeful Peacock!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

So many developments

Right, where to begin? I shall start off with the vintage fair I went to on Sunday. It was a bit of a slow day, but I managed to make a small profit so it was definitely worth it. It was also my first time using a clothes rail (thank you to the organisers for lending me one). Didn’t sell any of the clothes this time but it wasn’t really the right crowd and it didn’t help that I didn’t have anything to display prices. Must get/make some tags. It was a good day for Random Quirks, as all but one of the items that I sold was from there :)

In other news – I got a job yesterday! Yay. It’s only a Christmas temp position at New Look but its both employment and a step in the right direction towards my merchandising career. Not sure exactly when I’m starting but I have to go there this weekend to have an induction and team building.

I am also developing some branding bits and pieces for both Random Quirks and Toast Rack. Things like logo stamps, proper thank you cards, tags and promotional material. Last night I made a thank you card for Random Quirks. Let me know what you think.

I also need to make a new banner for Toast Rack since the current one isn’t really relevant. I also want a logo for the shop as well. This is me preparing for the Holiday period. :) Stuff is getting done.

I’m finally able to head to a car boot sale (a real one this time!) this Sunday so I will hopefully be getting more treasures for Toast Rack. I’m hoping to get more jewellery and trinkets than anything else since I have enough clothes for now. I would really like to put these gorgeous dresses I found online but I can’t really photograph them. I don’t have a model or a mannequin. Maybe once I clear out my room a bit then I’ll be able to fit a mannequin in there – I saw some cool ones in the TK Maxx in my home town.

Oh yes, and I almost forgot, there may be finally a Random Quirks website in the works. That is all I will say for now, more news on that at a later date.

What stuff are you getting done for the holiday rush?

Friday, 8 October 2010

Feature Friday: Floor Art Etc

Wow, it's a close one. Now I know it technically isn't Friday here in the UK anymore, but it still is in the US so that will have to do, it's been a busy day. Will establish just how worth it the busy day was at a later date depending how things turn out in the next few days.

Anyway, on to the feature. This week we will be looking at: Floor Art Etc. I found this shop wandering around the bags and purses section of Etsy. I love mixed media so it was a great find :) 

There is a mixture of household items and bags in Floor Art Etc with the common theme of photography and art. I especially love the messenger bags like this one below. All the prints were designed by Billie Anderson from Montana who describes herself as "fortunate to be a designer and artist along with being a Nanny to my adorable Grandson Nikolas". The messenger bags would be a great gift for someone special.

If you don't have the money to spend on bags, but love the prints - then you can find the prints are available too! I am in love with this particular print below, as a whole print it is gorgeous, but there are also so many details to it. :)

This shop is definitely worth a visit if you like intricate prints - I sure do :) Pay a visit to Floor Art Etc today!

Come back next Friday to see who I feature next . Who knows, it could be you!

My next vintage fair is on Sunday, so wish me luck! I will try and get photos of the new stock I received today to show you soon. 

Monday, 4 October 2010

New stock, car boots and vintage fairs...

So, as promised I’m showing off some of my new stock and my stall from the vintage fair I went to. Firstly, the new stock. After popping home last weekend, I came back with loads of treasures that I found at a car boot there. I managed to get some photos of them but sold some of them before I could even get them online. I also made some new handmade Toast Rack and Random Quirks jewellery.

Let me know what you think. Now I need to replace the vintage stuff I sold, lol. I really need to find somewhere to get a regular income of items. Yesterday I attempted to find a car boot sale here in Manchester but since it’s a city, that’s easier said than done. My friend and I ended up wandering around in the rain with no luck of finding one. Never again, don’t always trust google people!

Luckily, I now have some car boots that actually exist written down and will have to wait until the 17th to go. For now, I will have to rely on ebay and charity shops. . I have also started collecting vintage clothing and nik naks to go along with the shoes and accessories I have. It’s really fun. Check out the goodies I got today at charity shops around Manchester:

Also, not seen in the photo are two dresses I picked up. A purple velvet dress and maroon corduroy pinafore dress – both very cute and wintery. I like :)

The vintage fair I went to on Saturday was awesome. I had both my Random Quirks and Toast Rack products there, and unsurprisingly with it being a vintage fair - all the items that sold were from Toast Rack. It was an awesome day where I not only made a profit, I made a good profit :) Take a look:

My display seems to have improved even further. I have to put it down to the space saving mug tree I got to hang necklaces off and the spinning hanger that I use to put up bracelets and brooches. Fingers crossed that the next vintage fair I go to on Sunday is as good as this one. I’m staying positive.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Feature Friday: Green Pickles

Happy October everyone! Today's featured shop I found in the forums about a week ago. An awesome find I reckon - definitely on my christmas shopping list...for me :). So for those who are organised and are thinking about beginning their christmas shopping, or maybe even have a friend's birthday coming up, look no further.

A fellow UK seller, Green Pickles is run by a designer and crafter who is inspired by "fairytales, whimsical romantic feelings and sunny days". It definitely shows in her work. I love the hair band above - it could work in both summer and winter. I am loving hair bands at the moment and this is at the top of my list. She even offers custom items, so I may have to request a button hair band in purple at some point :).

There is also a selection of whimsical hair combs which are adorable! This one has to be my favourite. Very vintage chic. Every item in this shop is unique so you are guaranteed to be individual from your friends. That is the awesome thing about the hand made movement. Go visit Green Pickles today!

Come back next Friday to see who I feature next . Who knows, it could be you!

Also, I am going to a vintage fair tomorrow - wish me luck! I have also finally gotten photos of my new stock so will show those off next time. :) Take care!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

If you go down to the woods today...

You will find my latest treasury. After a productive, but freezing morning at a car boot sale, I crawled into bed with my laptop. Drawing a blank with what to do with myself, I decided to make a treasury about the autumn:

By the way, what do you think of my blog's new look? Like? Hate? Let me know.

Check back in the next couple of days for the latest on new stock for Toast Rack. There will be photos :)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Feature Friday: Junkyard Glitter

It's amazing what you can find when randomly wandering around Etsy. The other day I came across Junkyard Glitter and fell in love with her painting skills. I am officially envious. She applies her painting talent to not just paintings but cute bags and intricate pieces of jewellery.

I adore this purse - you can't get cooler than an owl in a top hat. All the individual touches to the pieces in this shop are awesome. You are definitely guaranteed to find unique items. Junkyard Glitter has been open since December last year and the woman behind it all is a full time artist situated in California. 

Every piece is inspired by something, for example this purse was dedicated to The White Stripes - one of the artist's favourite bands. I love The White Stripes and owls so this purse is just plain awesome in my book.

My second favourite piece was really easy to decide because this painting is really cool. And it's not just me who thinks so - this painting made it to the front page of Etsy so you may have even seen it before. What makes it even better in my opinion is that is a 3-D painting, where a vintage brooch and feather have been used on the hat.

The artist explains in the listing that it was inspired by their realisation that "life can be a circus but you can manage it with balance". A very good point that can be used by anyone, even fellow Etsy sellers. 

So, take a leaf out of Junkyard Glitter's book and manage your life with plenty of balance. And even better, pop over to her shop and check out her collection of whimsical jewellery, purses and paintings. You will find gorgeous things :)

Come back next week for Feature Friday to see who I feature next. Who knows, it could be you!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Let the games begin!

Currently hyper, I am back off holiday and am ready for the challenge that awaits me. After day 2 of unemployment I have a craft fair booked, lots of new products about to be made and I'm trying to get Random Quirks up to date with its expired items (there were a lot!). I also have a temp job for my old uni for a couple of days that will pay half my rent, woop!

My dad's electric drill is poised and ready to create new pendants for some wacky new Random Quirks necklaces. I also have some new more toned down earrings ready to list. There are many sides to my creative personality :). So there should be something for everyone who likes the style of my jewellery.

Now with Toast Rack, as well as the brand new vintage items which need photographing, there will be a new line of handmade jewellery for a more sophisticated subtle wearer. That's something you've got to know about me. I wear a mix of jewellery - both pretty and down-right weird. This will be my calm side showing, lol. What do you think of the earrings above? Apparently they aren't normal enough according to my mum, lol.

Check back tomorrow where I'll be featuring an etsy seller that I stumbled upon the other day. I have decided to make this blog more structured now that I have more time on my hands and this will begin with Feature me Friday.

Now I will leave you with my random picture:

Yes our cats are proper British and drink out of pint glasses. Hard core.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A leap of faith

Wow it’s been a busy week. I have way too much to do. I’ve been busy trying to finish off my dissertation (almost there!) and have been getting ready for my holiday. I really can’t wait to just get it finished so I can sort out as much Random Quirks and Toast Rack stuff as possible before I head off.

So, I’m about to jump off a cliff. With my holiday looming I of course have the dreaded “what shall I do when I get back and I’m thrown into the reality of unemployment” thoughts dominating my mind. I’ve spent too many nights worrying about what I’m going to do with myself, especially since I’ve been full on job-hunting since May with no result. I realise there’s a pretty good possibility that I won’t get a job, at least not for awhile. It used to bring me to tears just thinking about it. But the thing is, I’m not scared anymore.  I’m not scared because I have a plan.

I’m not going to sit around, doing nothing but search for jobs and wait for someone to give me a chance. What I’m going to do as well as search for jobs, is work for myself, even if I have to scrape by. I’m going to finish all those half made creative projects I’ve been putting off and I’m going to sell them. There’s fabric that needs sewing, blank t-shirts that need painting and vintage stock that needs selling. I’m going to make my jewellery and finally be able to fully commit myself to my shops. Not only online, but also face-to-face in as many venues as possible like I did last year.

There will also finally be time for me to read all those helpful articles I found all over the web and saved on my computer. And I’ll be able to take notes and follow the advice I find.

I want to clear out my room and sell that massive pile of stuff on my desk that I don’t want on eBay. I want to be able to see my floor and to actually be able to open all my drawers. It would be great to get my sewing machine back from my parent’s house and be able to put it on my clear desk. I didn’t realise how much I missed sewing. I was planning on selling my fabric collection but I realised that I didn’t want to because I worked too hard to get it and I want to see it turn into nice things for people. It would be awesome to get all the brand new American Apparel t-shirts I have in a drawer, paint them and sell them.

Once I use up all my fabric and t-shirts then I’ll have more room for my jewellery, supplies and vintage stock. Plus, selling all this stuff should hopefully let me earn enough to get by. At this point in my life I may as well try. It’s a leap of faith. It sounds pretty crazy when I say it all out loud like that – “yep, I’m gonna try and sell my stuff to make a living while I’m unemployed.” We shall have to see.

So for those of you who are at a crossroads and are worried about the future, make a plan (and a back-up plan). You could feel much better than you would be if you were heading into the unknown.  I don’t know about you, but I feel much better jumping off the cliff with my eyes open. This is coming from someone who has literally jumped off a cliff before (only 30 feet though, lol). I am scared of heights and I did it with my eyes open, just like I’ll be doing very soon (metaphorically of course – no way I’m going near any cliffs for awhile, lol). Nope, not scared at all. Wish me luck.

I shall leave you with a picture of a car I walked past that was covered in cubes of jelly (that’s jell-o to the American’s). Ah randomness.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

It’s all about the karma

I made a new treasury the other day - check it out:

I think my favourite part of making treasuries, apart from putting one together of course, is sending convos to all the people who’s products I featured. I know how happy you can get when you see that someone has specially picked one of your items for their treasury. It brings a smile to your face and makes you feel special.

It’s great how Etsy has made it so you can just post a treasury anytime you want now without having to wait for a spot. I always used to oversleep and miss mine. It gives people more of a chance of being featured in one as well, which is awesome.

One thing I believe in is karma - if you do something good for someone else, then good things come back to you. This was definitely proved after making my latest treasury, since within two days I had been featured in two treasuries and got a sale!

August is an awesome month so far. I’ve gotten 4 sales so far on Random Quirks, which is a lot for me. I’m one sale closer to reaching my goal of 24 new Etsy sales this year (I have 13 so far). :)

So you want to make a treasury but don’t know how? It’s easy

1. Take a look at Poster Sketch. This is a great workspace where you can put the items you want to feature by using their listing number (on the right hand side under the stats section) and mix them up to see what looks good where.

2. As for picking items – go nuts, pick a theme and use the search option on the front page to find things that fit with the theme/colour scheme.

3. Once you have all your items picked and in the right place, go to the treasury section (found on the front page on the left hand side under Ways to Shop) and click on the right hand side Create a list

4.  Finally, add your title, description and copy the listing numbers from your Poster Sketch page onto your treasury.

5. Don’t forget to let the people whose items you featured know that they are in your treasury. Bring a smile to someone’s face :)

And there you go, something fun to create, which makes people happy. I likes the smiles :)

In other news I went to a vintage fair today to sell my Random Quirks stuff. It went alrighty. Only sold Toast Rack stuff, lol. Will post pics of my stall in the next couple of days.

So as I leave, I shall leave you with something that will hopefully make you smile:

When I was in Holland I ordered a hot chocolate with whipped cream. And this is what I got. Never seen this done before so I laughed for ages moving the saucer up and down saying “With cream…. without cream”. Extra random points for anyone who has seen this done before!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Focus on the positive

September is getting closer and closer. I'm torn between really looking forward to it and dreading it. The positive part is my holiday that I booked all the way back in May as a celebration for finishing my masters and education all together. The bad part is of course when I get back, I will be unemployed with no back ups. There's not much I can do about that, so for now I will focus on the positive. That is the only thing you can do when you know something bad is going to happen, just focus on the positives in your life and simply deal with the bad when it comes around. You'll only make yourself miserable focusing on the bad stuff coming up. So, focus on the fun things.

This month so far, I have sold 3 Random Quirks items :) which is really awesome after the desert of no sales that was June and July. It turns out that I don't have as many backed up new items as I thought though so I'm going to have to get creating - oh dear, more creating (yay!).

Looks like I'll have some time to create this weekend since I am attending a craft fair in Chorlton. Wish me luck! :) I'm also hoping to take part in a few more craft fairs later this month. Plus, I'm really getting on with my dissertation. I'm up to 13,200 words so only a few more thousand more and I'm done! I'm hoping to get it done as early as possible so I can concentrate on my shops.

With Toast Rack I have finally got a few more items so I shall begin listing the new stuff today, probably starting with the 1960s gramophone brooch. I figured out the age of the shoes I said I was going to ask my mum about; they are 1970s. Now I only need to figure out what decade the folky scarf is from. Maybe I'll have to ask some opinions online.

On the saving for my holiday front, I'm doing pretty well. I have paid off everything so now I only have to concentrate on spending money for food and souvenirs. Luckily I am a massive hoarder so I have plenty of stuff that I can sell on ebay :) That and selling more stuff on my shops has been helping. I have been doing better accounts now so I split the money made from each item into expenses (including materials), profit that goes back into the business, and wages for me. It has been working pretty well so I don't just spend everything on more supplies - though that is very tempting, lol.

In other news, I got my hair cut and got a fringe (bangs to the americans). I feel like my ten year old self again - fun :). Plus it's really nice not having to push my side fringe out of my face anymore - I felt like a right emo!

Right, back to work, I shall leave you with this cute pic of the kittens looking all symmetrical. Axle made me laugh last night being all ninja hunting a small moth in my room and briefly getting his paw stuck to some blu-tac on my wall!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Toast rack in a treasury!

Check it out - Toast Rack's first vintage treasury :)


Here's the link.
The treasury is by You Bad Girl and features my 1970s shoes!

In other news, I have been working on getting some more goodies for Toast Rack. So far I have 2 pairs of shoes and a scarf that looks quite folky. One of the shoes is from the 1960s and the other I am not sure yet. I'm popping home this weekend so I will get my mum to take a look at them since she's very good at dating things :) I am also working on getting some more jewellery, purses and handbags. Any requests? Wish me luck!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Today is a most excellent day

It's great how some things can be so unexpected. I just sold two Toast Rack items today :) I'm so happy. That's both more money for the business and for my holiday. My shop is looking quite empty though so I have to get more items up. The only problem is that I have 2 brooches and a pair of shoes, that's it. So I've got to get vintage hunting again :)

I went to two awesome market's while I was in Holland. I bought this really cute 1960's black and red gramophone brooch. Really wish I could go back. Grr. My mum lives round the corner from one of them and won't go to have a look for me so I'm really jealous, lol. Will have to find some markets around here and pay another visit to my favourite vintage shop in town.

I really enjoy vintage hunting and am so happy that I decided to make Toast Rack solely a vintage shop. It's a real passion of mine. I wish this could be my job - that and making my Random Quirks jewellery.

Not much else going on. My dissertation is going ok. Just need to get my focus group done and then I can write quickly and easily until it is finished :) Oh, and 1 month until my holiday! I can't wait.

Yes, today is a most excellent day :)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Work, work and more work

Wow, been awhile hasn't it? Not only my blog has suffered but my shops have been neglected too. Must learn to multi-task. On the bright side, last time I wrote I had only done 5000 words on my dissertation - now I have written 10500 words. And I've done 2 out of 3 of my research methods. I keep thinking, why did I decide to do three.

Anyway, luckily for me I have a back-log of new items that I made for Random Quirks so I can start listing them again, starting with this one in the picture. Plenty of rings, stud earrings and keychains to come :) I also have plenty of supplies so I should hopefully be able to make some new items soon when my new item box begins to get empty again. I have also almost finished phasing out the hand painted t-shirts - one more to go. I do hand paint t-shirts in my spare time as favours to friends though, so if anyone were to want one, I can definitely do some custom work.

So, on to Toast Rack. I don't know if I mentioned it but I have also decided to stop doing the t-shirts there as well. Instead I am going to concentrate on selling vintage accessories. Again it was a time and difficulty thing. I think I am better off selling made to order things. Once again, I bit off more than I can chew. I finally got a sale with Toast Rack for a vintage brooch so that convinced me that I was better off only selling vintage items. I love vintage. Fingers crossed for this new venture.

Not much to say on the job front. I don't have one and it's really difficult trying to find a new one. (got let go from my job in may due to staff cuts) I can't really get a proper job at the moment since I have my holiday in September for when I finish my dissertation. Annoyingly I booked it before I lost my job so I've had to scrimp and save for it and am doing pretty well so far. Luckily I have lots and lots of stuff to sell on ebay :) I can't wait :)

Well thats all for now, I am going to try my hardest to become a better multi-tasker.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I'm melting....

I'm currently in Holland visiting the parents. It is 24 degrees inside without the heating on and its 11.50pm. It's gonna be a long night I think. So, quite a bit has happened since my last post. I no longer sell flip flops due to staff cuts so I have signed up to a temp agency, I have made a few Random Quirks sales (woo!) and as well as enjoying the on/off summer weather in the UK I went to my 3rd craft fair. It was quite a jolly affair as I actually made back my table fare this time (woo!). Loads of people actually wanted my business card which was also a plus. Check out my table; definitely my best display yet, not that there was much to compete with, lol.

It was really nice to have my new rings, key-rings and stud earrings on display. Plus though there was a steady stream of people, it was pretty quiet overall so I had plenty of time to make some new stuff :) I made 13 new items. 3 rings, 5 pairs of stud earrings, 1 pair of dangle earrings, 1 brooch, a keyring and two necklace. Yes indeed I was a busy bee :)


Now I'm on the hunt for the next one, where it will be who know. I'm really enjoying making the new products and really want more supplies but I'm pretty poor at the mo. Am trying to save up for a holiday as well so I'm putting all spare monies towards that. I'm phasing out the hand painted t-shirts as you can tell because I think in my case its best just to stick to made to order stuff and I just want to concentrate on the jewellery. 

That's all for now folks, I still have a mountain of dissertation work to do. I've only done 5000 words out of 15000 at the least - Yikes! 

Friday, 7 May 2010

I've been included in a treasury! :)

My bracelet was included in Spunkichick25's treasury :)


I love the colour yellow so this treasury is great. I especially love the bag by breagha, the headband by Brydferth and the earrings by spunkichick25.

I'm hoping to make a treasury myself again as soon as one opens up so will let you know when I do :)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

And so it has begun....

Yesterday i finished my final exam for my masters and the summer now stretches ahead of me. I have my glamorous part time job selling flip flops (:P) and a 20,000 word dissertation to complete before September the 3rd. I am now free to work on Random Quirks as much as I please :).

Though this summer will be a long one, there is a scary ending to it. You could also say it was exciting, I haven't decided yet. I have no clue what is going to happen to me past the 16th September when I return off holiday. I have to have a full time job and this time I have no back ups. If I don't get one by the end of the summer then I will be a starving artist since I can't live on a part time salary. Yep, definitely scary. I really don't want to have to move back home, it was hard enough last summer. I also don't want to be a burden to my parents. My dad has worked so hard to make sure that me and my brother have everything we need so I want to finally be able to give him a break. At least now I have somewhere a bit more permanent to live in Manchester this time. The only thing I can do is just take it one day at a time. Concentrate on growing Random Quirks and saving as much money as possible while job hunting. Wish me luck!

I have already began growing Random Quirks starting with the product range. I will now be adding rings and stud earrings to the mix, as well as keyrings. It's really fun trying something new and I hope they do well. A really positive thing I've been doing is actually making proper accounts for the shop and putting money aside from sales for all costs, profit, and even paying myself a bit. Before I just used to guess an amount for items and then just spend the money on more supplies. I'm trying my best to treat it like a proper business. The great thing about all this free time I have now is that I can read up on all the tips I have saved from etsy forums and everywhere and actually put those things into practice. It's a really exciting time for Random Quirks at the moment, so stay tuned :)

So, in every aspect of my life this summer, I'm just going to go for it.

Summer 2010, bring it on :)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Craft fair photos!

As promised, here is a photo from the craft fair I did a few weekends ago:

It's a definite improvement from my first craft fair where I crowded the table far too much. It was also a bake sale so I made some "goblin cakes" for the event. They looked normal on top but when you bite into them, they were green on the inside (I love food colouring).

They were yummy. Right I have to get back to my revision since my exam is on Tuesday so I will leave you with one more pic:

                Axle really likes the bubble wrap :) Until next time....

Saturday, 17 April 2010

I'm still here

I know I have plenty of supplies already but I just need more. More more more. I am quickly running out of new items to post on Random Quirks so I wanted some fresh supplies as well as more chain.

I apologise for the delay in posting, just I've been really busy with work for my masters. I only have one more assignment for marketing which is 4500 words, one 3 hour exam on the 4th of may, then its just me and my dissertation for the summer. I'm not allowing myself to do any work on Random Quirks until the 4th of May which is when my exam is. The only thing I'm allowing myself to do is buy some supplies and do this craft fair tomorrow.

It's in Chorlton and is a craft fair and bake sale with money from the baked goods going to the Manchester Children's hospital. So I'm gonna get my non existent apron on tonight and do some baking at the bf's flat. So that will be the third charity event I've done this year so far. I'm very proud. I also ran in the Sports Relief mile as you can see in the picture. I am Scooby Doo and my friend Claire went as a banana :D. It was really awesome and I'm definitely going to do it again :)

Right, that's all I've got time for right now. Was just letting you know i'm still alive. I promise I will post pictures of my stall from this craft fair and the one I did before next time. For now, roll on 4th May :)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Featured seller: Artistique

I happened to stumble upon this shop while browsing Etsy and I am glad I did :) A fellow UK resident, Artistique is situated in London and makes whimsical jewellery and accessories. I am in love with this shop ! I really wish my birthday wasn't 3 months away. My personal favourites are the butterfly necklace (I love butterflies), the clock brooch (very alice in wonderland) and the cards necklace (reminds me of when I used to play poker with my guy friends when I was 17). A lot of the items in this shop feature things like butterflies, cards, birds and other magical things.

Artistque has been on Etsy since January 2007 and accepts custom orders which is great if you love her style and want something a little bit different. The more I stare at the butterfly necklace, the more I want it. Therefore people should buy more from me so I can afford it, lol. No, seriously, ha ha :) The downside of being a poor student.

Ah well, though I cannot afford it right now, the prices in this shop are very reasonable with necklaces ranging between $10 and $26 and earrings between $8 and $18. So if you fancy some really pretty jewellery, I suggest you go take a look at this shop.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry about my first proper craft show I went to on Saturday. Ta-ta

Sunday, 14 March 2010

My very first treasury!

After watching and missing opportunities for over a week, I finally managed to nab my first treasury. It's titled All things lacy:

I love lace at the moment and already have a lace headband and top. :) Please check out my treasury here and take a look at some really talented artists on Etsy. 

That's all for now, but come back tomorrow and I'll be featuring an Etsy seller which is something I haven't done in a while but I really can't wait. Have a great day :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Summer is on the way!

Though it is still quite cold here in Manchester, the sun has made an appearance to remind us that summer is on the way. I am really excited for summer this year, just remembering how much fun I had last year. Though I will be working on my dissertation (1714 words down, 16286 to go - woop!), I'm planning on having lots of fun. I got so silly the other day when I was in town with my mum - I wanted to buy 3 pairs of sandals from Primark. I had finally narrowed it down to two when I realised it was still February, lol. So I settled on buying a playsuit that I can wear with tights and boots now, and leggings and sandals in the summer.

Another fashion thing, I never realised that simply wearing a fun hair band can brighten your day. I have a sequinned black headband with a huge silver star and just wearing it made me smile all day. It's kinda like the one in the pic in terms of size which is by LooksGood but with just silver star. When my parents saw it on skype, they laughed but I don't care. I was saving it for a special occasion but I thought it could be sitting on my shelf for who knows how long, so I just wore it. The moral of the story is - don't let your favourite pieces gather dust or just sit there in your wardrobe, wear them.

In other news, I got a job :) I'm going to be working at a Haviana's beachwear shop. More reason to love summer. The experience will be great and it will be nice to have some extra cash again. I keep going on either book and DVD binges, RQ supply binges or fashion binges. So I am very poor. The other day it was mainly a fashion binge. I got the most gorgeous vintage dress from Ryan's Vintage on Oldham street for £12. I love it. It's a very summery dress. I also got a couple of pairs of vintage shoes for Toast Rack. One of the pairs are 1980s Dirty Dancing black t-bars. They actually have Dirty Dancing written inside which is really cool. They are already up on the shop too, so take a peek.

Also, here is the flyer for the craft fair I will be having a stall at on the 13th of this month. If anyone is in the Manchester area, come take a gander, it's for a good cause. It'll be my first craft show and I can't wait :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

It looks like ants demolishing a reverse

The weirdest quote from last weeks Superbowl. That was the first time I watched it and I must say I really enjoyed it. Being a Brit, me, my bf and our friend had to stay up late to watch it due to the time difference but it was totally worth it. I am not a sporty person but I found myself shouting "Run bitch run!" repeatedly at the screen. :) That was a great day because we also went to see an ice hockey match which was awesome. Another first for me that day.

I realised I forgot to say, we got the kittens a month ago, a boy and a girl. They are soooo cute, but are little rascals. They have been named Axle and Rose. Not many people seem to have noticed the Gun's and Rose's reference, lol. Everything is a plaything to them and I think they are ninja kittens. Because they seem to pop up everywhere, even when the door is closed and they weren't in the room before. They have foun
d out how to get into my chest of drawers when all the drawers are closed and seem to like sleeping in my underwear drawer - the little pervs :P. Rose is rather funny because whenever you pick her up, she climbs onto your shoulder and stays there so you feel like a pirate with a parrot. Arrrrr!

Great news for the shops, I've been interviewed for the Try Handmade blog and I'm going to be in a craft fair in Didsbury next month :). More details about that when they come. I have been slowly making new items for Random Quirks and been quickly finding some great pieces for the vintage section at Toast Rack. So keep looking :)

In other news - to stick up two fingers to Valentines Day, me and the bf are going to play Laser Quest. Yep, shoot each other with lasers. I think thats quite romantic, don't you? :P

On a sad note, RIP Alexander McQueen - yet another talent gone too soon. He was a great British designer who will be missed by everyone who admired him and his work. The deepest sympathy for his family.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

RQ Limited and Toast Rack Vintage

Here's a sneak peak at the new RQ limited and Toast Rack Vintage collections before I list them in the next week or so. First a couple of pieces from the RQ Limited collection:
Anchors away necklace: $18
Lovers Kiss Earrings $7
And now a couple of finds for the Toast Rack Vintage collection:

1950s Tapestry clip on earrings $13

1980s Bally shoes $35

Let me know what you think?