Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Not the year 2010, but the year 10

Ah, a new year. Lots of fun new things to do. I've already done things I've never done before like go see a film at the cinema at midnight (Avatar 3D - awesome - go see it!), built a snowman at 2am (he was called George and a few days later got hit by a car) and randomly got a side fringe haircut during my lunch break at work. As you do :D Still plenty of the year to have fun with.

Omg, the snow! (yay, snow!) I can't believe how much snow there has been the last few weeks. And very proud that I only fell over once...in the middle of a road...in front of a car. No need to worry, the car was going so slow because of the ice that I had plenty of time to get up :) There are deceased snowmen everywhere. I saw one with a scarf but no head :S That was quite traumatising.

So, what's going on with Random Quirks? I've been supply shopping like crazy and have been impatiently waiting for since they are delayed because of the snow, grr, snow. Now that I have ran out of pieces to list from my latest collection, I decided that I want to increase sales this year so I'm introducing more choice. So plenty of new different items to make a change from barbie shoe earrings because I reckon there is enough choice for awhile, lol. I've been getting lots of barbie accessories to make new and interesting designs so stay tuned.

Toast Rack vintage plans are still in the pipeline, so keep checking here to find out the latest news. I think I might test one or two products at first to test the market. Have gotton one of them already, just waiting for the other through the post (grr, snow).

It was the first day back at uni today. Was alrighty. 2 of my deadlines this week have been delayed by a week (yay, snow) so I have more time to finish them :) Woop. Oh, and didn't get kept on at Bench after my contract was up so have applied to some new jobs, Topshop and Accessorize/Monsoon included.

Hope everyone had a good new year, I enjoyed playing a 2 decade long game of Articulate :)

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fookaDESIGNS said...

What a great start to the year...well not for George! lol. Great blog!