Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Post number 50!

I have just finished eating my favourite soup: spicy butternut squash and sweet potato with a sprinkle of stilton cheese. Nom. Well here we are at post number 50. Took me over a year to get there but I'm here. Hoping to get at least 100 posts this year but will try and do more. Since I'm trying to step it up with Random Quirks and preferably Toast Rack this will hopefully be a weekly thing. Am getting a weekly schedule going now where I do all the shop stuff that I need to do along with my uni work.

I'm just getting in the last of my new supplies so am starting to make my new pieces for Random Quirks. My first one was completed last night. I have decided to do a more trendy range, but in the Random Quirks style that is slightly more expensive than previous ranges. Of course you will get more for your money and these pieces should hopefully be more appealing this season as well. I think I have been rather safe with my designs so this is my experiment for the season. The new section will be called RQ Limited. So we shall see how that goes.

Now, Toast Rack, I'm not sure whether to test the vintage section by introducing the vintage pieces I have now which are a pair of 1950s earrings and a pair of 1980s Bally shoes. Or should I get a few more pieces then introduce them all at once? At the moment, I'm thinking of just testing out the two pieces and seeing how they are received before I invest in more.

In other news, I am about to start the proposal for my masters dissertation. Magazines vs Internet in terms of where women go for their fashion information. So, where do you go? The internet, magazines or both? I also went to Berlin last weekend with my uni which was really fun. There was still snow there so it was really cold. Got back on Saturday and am still shattered but luckily my Gossip Girl season one DVDs arrived so I've been watching that.

Until next time...

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Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Hey dear! Can't wait to see your new work! And hope the master's is going great.