Monday, 15 March 2010

Featured seller: Artistique

I happened to stumble upon this shop while browsing Etsy and I am glad I did :) A fellow UK resident, Artistique is situated in London and makes whimsical jewellery and accessories. I am in love with this shop ! I really wish my birthday wasn't 3 months away. My personal favourites are the butterfly necklace (I love butterflies), the clock brooch (very alice in wonderland) and the cards necklace (reminds me of when I used to play poker with my guy friends when I was 17). A lot of the items in this shop feature things like butterflies, cards, birds and other magical things.

Artistque has been on Etsy since January 2007 and accepts custom orders which is great if you love her style and want something a little bit different. The more I stare at the butterfly necklace, the more I want it. Therefore people should buy more from me so I can afford it, lol. No, seriously, ha ha :) The downside of being a poor student.

Ah well, though I cannot afford it right now, the prices in this shop are very reasonable with necklaces ranging between $10 and $26 and earrings between $8 and $18. So if you fancy some really pretty jewellery, I suggest you go take a look at this shop.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry about my first proper craft show I went to on Saturday. Ta-ta

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Lala's Pequenos said...

I love the card necklace!