Thursday, 4 March 2010

Summer is on the way!

Though it is still quite cold here in Manchester, the sun has made an appearance to remind us that summer is on the way. I am really excited for summer this year, just remembering how much fun I had last year. Though I will be working on my dissertation (1714 words down, 16286 to go - woop!), I'm planning on having lots of fun. I got so silly the other day when I was in town with my mum - I wanted to buy 3 pairs of sandals from Primark. I had finally narrowed it down to two when I realised it was still February, lol. So I settled on buying a playsuit that I can wear with tights and boots now, and leggings and sandals in the summer.

Another fashion thing, I never realised that simply wearing a fun hair band can brighten your day. I have a sequinned black headband with a huge silver star and just wearing it made me smile all day. It's kinda like the one in the pic in terms of size which is by LooksGood but with just silver star. When my parents saw it on skype, they laughed but I don't care. I was saving it for a special occasion but I thought it could be sitting on my shelf for who knows how long, so I just wore it. The moral of the story is - don't let your favourite pieces gather dust or just sit there in your wardrobe, wear them.

In other news, I got a job :) I'm going to be working at a Haviana's beachwear shop. More reason to love summer. The experience will be great and it will be nice to have some extra cash again. I keep going on either book and DVD binges, RQ supply binges or fashion binges. So I am very poor. The other day it was mainly a fashion binge. I got the most gorgeous vintage dress from Ryan's Vintage on Oldham street for £12. I love it. It's a very summery dress. I also got a couple of pairs of vintage shoes for Toast Rack. One of the pairs are 1980s Dirty Dancing black t-bars. They actually have Dirty Dancing written inside which is really cool. They are already up on the shop too, so take a peek.

Also, here is the flyer for the craft fair I will be having a stall at on the 13th of this month. If anyone is in the Manchester area, come take a gander, it's for a good cause. It'll be my first craft show and I can't wait :)


Little Tesoro said...

Best of luck with the new job. Oh - and I know how you feel about headbands - just started wearing them and they do make you happy!!

Piggy said...

Congrats on your new job! :) Good luck for the craft fair too!

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier! You have a cute & kitschy shop!

God Bless