Thursday, 29 July 2010

Today is a most excellent day

It's great how some things can be so unexpected. I just sold two Toast Rack items today :) I'm so happy. That's both more money for the business and for my holiday. My shop is looking quite empty though so I have to get more items up. The only problem is that I have 2 brooches and a pair of shoes, that's it. So I've got to get vintage hunting again :)

I went to two awesome market's while I was in Holland. I bought this really cute 1960's black and red gramophone brooch. Really wish I could go back. Grr. My mum lives round the corner from one of them and won't go to have a look for me so I'm really jealous, lol. Will have to find some markets around here and pay another visit to my favourite vintage shop in town.

I really enjoy vintage hunting and am so happy that I decided to make Toast Rack solely a vintage shop. It's a real passion of mine. I wish this could be my job - that and making my Random Quirks jewellery.

Not much else going on. My dissertation is going ok. Just need to get my focus group done and then I can write quickly and easily until it is finished :) Oh, and 1 month until my holiday! I can't wait.

Yes, today is a most excellent day :)


Gremlina said...

totally get the vintage passion ;)!!

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

sounds like loads of fun, I usually check the salvation army's store and such. You can find treasures there, really!

And high fiving back, it sucks doesn't it.


Quirks said...

I really envy America for your Salvation army, grr. Will have to see what I can find in the local charity shops. :)