Saturday, 14 August 2010

It’s all about the karma

I made a new treasury the other day - check it out:

I think my favourite part of making treasuries, apart from putting one together of course, is sending convos to all the people who’s products I featured. I know how happy you can get when you see that someone has specially picked one of your items for their treasury. It brings a smile to your face and makes you feel special.

It’s great how Etsy has made it so you can just post a treasury anytime you want now without having to wait for a spot. I always used to oversleep and miss mine. It gives people more of a chance of being featured in one as well, which is awesome.

One thing I believe in is karma - if you do something good for someone else, then good things come back to you. This was definitely proved after making my latest treasury, since within two days I had been featured in two treasuries and got a sale!

August is an awesome month so far. I’ve gotten 4 sales so far on Random Quirks, which is a lot for me. I’m one sale closer to reaching my goal of 24 new Etsy sales this year (I have 13 so far). :)

So you want to make a treasury but don’t know how? It’s easy

1. Take a look at Poster Sketch. This is a great workspace where you can put the items you want to feature by using their listing number (on the right hand side under the stats section) and mix them up to see what looks good where.

2. As for picking items – go nuts, pick a theme and use the search option on the front page to find things that fit with the theme/colour scheme.

3. Once you have all your items picked and in the right place, go to the treasury section (found on the front page on the left hand side under Ways to Shop) and click on the right hand side Create a list

4.  Finally, add your title, description and copy the listing numbers from your Poster Sketch page onto your treasury.

5. Don’t forget to let the people whose items you featured know that they are in your treasury. Bring a smile to someone’s face :)

And there you go, something fun to create, which makes people happy. I likes the smiles :)

In other news I went to a vintage fair today to sell my Random Quirks stuff. It went alrighty. Only sold Toast Rack stuff, lol. Will post pics of my stall in the next couple of days.

So as I leave, I shall leave you with something that will hopefully make you smile:

When I was in Holland I ordered a hot chocolate with whipped cream. And this is what I got. Never seen this done before so I laughed for ages moving the saucer up and down saying “With cream…. without cream”. Extra random points for anyone who has seen this done before!

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