Friday, 24 September 2010

Feature Friday: Junkyard Glitter

It's amazing what you can find when randomly wandering around Etsy. The other day I came across Junkyard Glitter and fell in love with her painting skills. I am officially envious. She applies her painting talent to not just paintings but cute bags and intricate pieces of jewellery.

I adore this purse - you can't get cooler than an owl in a top hat. All the individual touches to the pieces in this shop are awesome. You are definitely guaranteed to find unique items. Junkyard Glitter has been open since December last year and the woman behind it all is a full time artist situated in California. 

Every piece is inspired by something, for example this purse was dedicated to The White Stripes - one of the artist's favourite bands. I love The White Stripes and owls so this purse is just plain awesome in my book.

My second favourite piece was really easy to decide because this painting is really cool. And it's not just me who thinks so - this painting made it to the front page of Etsy so you may have even seen it before. What makes it even better in my opinion is that is a 3-D painting, where a vintage brooch and feather have been used on the hat.

The artist explains in the listing that it was inspired by their realisation that "life can be a circus but you can manage it with balance". A very good point that can be used by anyone, even fellow Etsy sellers. 

So, take a leaf out of Junkyard Glitter's book and manage your life with plenty of balance. And even better, pop over to her shop and check out her collection of whimsical jewellery, purses and paintings. You will find gorgeous things :)

Come back next week for Feature Friday to see who I feature next. Who knows, it could be you!

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Meeling said...

Great find on etsy...can't wait to browse her shop! Thanks for the cool post!