Friday, 15 October 2010

Feature Friday: Gleeful Peacock

What a find this week. I try and feature shops that don't have many sales but I had to make an exception this week. Meet Gleeful Peacock. You may have heard of the shop or not but either way you have to agree - the stuff in there is gorgeous! It has been really difficult to narrow it down to my two favourites to show off but I think I managed it. 

Describing herself as "a creative soul", the woman behind Gleeful Peacock is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and loves being able to call herself an artist. The shop is a mix of jewellery and hair accessories - pretty gold and silver with a colourful twist. For example, I am loving how this locket here is painted blue instead of just leaving it plain - it gives it a shabby chic quality.

Everything is reasonably priced so it's perfect for some early christmas shopping...for yourself, hee hee. Anyway, the range of hair accessories is really cool as well. Here is my favourite one below - so pretty! I'm really into headbands this year :)

I love looking through this shop and it is really cool how it is sophisticated and colourful, but not over the top. Ideal for people who like pretty romantic vintage inspired wearable art. So organise yourself and start shopping early this year - right here at Gleeful Peacock!


RaeoLight said...

very beautiful work! thanks for showing off this wonderful artist! Are you apart of the BESTeam? I think you should be. Look into and see what you think.

RaeoLight said...
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Meeling said...

Wonderful shop...I just took a peek around. I love her etsy banner too...very fun! Thanks for bring her shop to my attention.

The Gleeful Peacock said...

RaeoLight - What is the BESTeam?

Thanks so much for posting my shop of your fabulous blog!