Friday, 1 October 2010

Feature Friday: Green Pickles

Happy October everyone! Today's featured shop I found in the forums about a week ago. An awesome find I reckon - definitely on my christmas shopping list...for me :). So for those who are organised and are thinking about beginning their christmas shopping, or maybe even have a friend's birthday coming up, look no further.

A fellow UK seller, Green Pickles is run by a designer and crafter who is inspired by "fairytales, whimsical romantic feelings and sunny days". It definitely shows in her work. I love the hair band above - it could work in both summer and winter. I am loving hair bands at the moment and this is at the top of my list. She even offers custom items, so I may have to request a button hair band in purple at some point :).

There is also a selection of whimsical hair combs which are adorable! This one has to be my favourite. Very vintage chic. Every item in this shop is unique so you are guaranteed to be individual from your friends. That is the awesome thing about the hand made movement. Go visit Green Pickles today!

Come back next Friday to see who I feature next . Who knows, it could be you!

Also, I am going to a vintage fair tomorrow - wish me luck! I have also finally gotten photos of my new stock so will show those off next time. :) Take care!

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Meeling said...

I love her shop too! Just recently came across it. Nice feature. :-)