Sunday, 7 November 2010

I'm alive and well

Just a quick note to say I'm alive and well. Just trying to figure out a shop, work, chill balance. My shops have been suffering - at least online. I took both my Toast Rack and Random Quirks stock to a vintage fair a week ago and had an awesome profitable day. I couldn't believe it. 

Work is going ok - I'm based in the shoe department so I'm kept busy. I really enjoy it a lot more than my previous retail jobs as I don't have to just stand around doing nothing. That's way too boring. I'm still keeping an eye out for other more permanent jobs - especially 9 to 5 ones. I'm really craving structure, lol. 

Toast Rack stock hunting is going amazing. In fact, I have far too much stock so I need to sell it! For example, the dress above. My small room can't take the weight of everything - it desperately needs a clear out in general. Have started listing items again and have just sold something today - yay! Must keep listing because the shop is soooo bare. By the way, I have created a facebook fan page of Toast Rack so please take a look and "like" it. Pretty please :)

If Random Quirks is more your thing, I have also made a facebook fan page for it as well. Take a look! In terms of new stock for the etsy shop, it is seriously lacking so I need to take some time and make some new jewellery sooooon. I think I have only one more necklace to put up. 

Not much else going on so I will leave you with a funny picture. Say hello to the happy seal. He or she was basking in the sunlight and looked so cute.


Amanda said...

Love the dress! Congrats on the craft show success!

Cute Seal pic!

Meeling said...

That's a great dress and congratulations on doing well at the show.

Quirks said...

Thank you very much! :)