Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ditzy girl reads tolkien-esque series. Part 1

Right, here's something you don't see every day. My bf is a massive fan of fantasy fiction like Lord of the Rings, The Dark Tower and The Wheel of Time. I am a fan of chick-lit and adored Harry Potter.

I ran out of things to read and have been wanting a good series that will give me the same enjoyment that Harry Potter gave me, so I am giving The Wheel of Time series a go. I have just finished the first of I think 13 books? 

The Eye of the World

Overall I liked it. A teenager called Rand and his friends Mat, Perrin and Egwene (Rand's lady friend wink wink) go on a journey with a gleeman (entertainer) Thomm, an Aes Sedai (kinda like a witch) Moiraine and her warder (bodyguard) Lan. There is something special about Rand and his 2 friends which this bad guy Ba'alzamon is interested in so they have a load of bad guys after them. That's kinda the gist without giving too much away. I can see WOT fans cringing reading this, I apologise.

Robert Jordan likes to describe things. He likes to describe things a lot. It is like you're actually there which is good, but at times the story can drag. I really enjoyed it and have started the second one The Great Hunt. 

Will the ditzy girl be converted to fantasy series? Watch this space. 

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