Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I just couldn't help myself...

Really should't spend my wages before I've got them but in my defence, I know how much I will be getting and they are for my work uniform at new look. I'll just keep telling myself that!     


I seem to have a thing for blouses (and for polka dots!). The shirt on the right has a faux leather trim which is very in for A/W.

I also got this dress. Look familiar? It's exactly the same as my burgundy granny dress I got a couple of weeks ago. It's beige with a brown sausage dog print. Very cute :) I think that if you find something that fits you really well then you should get it in another couple of colours or patterns if you can!

Got a couple of necklaces that really weren't New Look's usual style and so mine so they might have fallen into my basket as well....


One more thing I'm afraid. Poor credit card! But I couldn't say no to this. New Look sell wellies online. But not in store for some reason. As an employee, I can't use my discount online so no wellies for me. I haven't had a pair since I was a little girl but I really could have used them the last couple of winters. Anyway, how lucky was I when I found in our stockroom that a customer had returned a pair of wellies from the website that just happened to be polka dots and in my size. It was fate! Mine. :)

Felt a bit guilty considering I got all that and a shrug and some shoes for a wedding I'm going to this weekend but my mum says you're only young once so fair enough!

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styleroulette said...

Ok I definitely want me some cute rain boots now! And no worries if it's for your work uniform, it'll pay off, lol!

(btw got a new blog, Diary of a Young Designer is on a little hiatus so I'm blogging from )