Friday, 14 October 2011

The happy things of happiness

Pretty things I got recently:

The happy dress

From New Look which I bought for uniform. Couldn't resist!

The happy skirt of happiness (it's full name)

From ASOS. I officially love this skirt.

The happy winter coat

Finally something that isn't double breasted. Got it from work as well and I thank the fashion gods for my discount. Especially love the skirt bit because it twirls and I like things that twirl :)

The happy bag

This beauty is from River Island. My obsession with  polka dots continues...

Have you bought any happy things recently?


Ladyulia said...

Wow, that bag must be a pleasure pleasure pleasure.
I heart that bag as well ")
I myself does not buy anythings yet to make me happy this month.
but sure soon :)


Anonymous said...


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thanks :)