Sunday, 27 November 2011

Image update: Week 2

This was a really good week where I was quite busy starting my new job and seeing family and friends. I survived my first week at my new job and so far am enjoying it.

My week:

The computer systems at work appear really complex so I have been taking plenty of notes so that I can make sure I remember everything that I need to do. Am learning pretty fast.

Went to see Billy Bailey with the bf on Tuesday. It was AMAZING! Loved every bit of it. Bill Bailey is a legend!

My favourite work shoes. Black lace ups with a mid heel. Love them. My feet don't hurt when wearing them and I can drive easily in them.

On Saturday I went to Sheffield where I saw my grandma, brother (who you can see in the pic) and my mum. I had a really great day and loved seeing my family again. Meadowhall is still my favourite shopping centre.

My grandma's new "friend" Molly. She is motion sensitive and meows and purrs when you stroke her. Slightly creepy, but my grandma enjoys telling her to shut up.

Went to my friend from New Look's house for Sunday lunch. She is an awesome cook so the food was just nom! The yorkshire puddings went a little crazy in the oven. Very tasty.

A shot of my awesome river island bag and my wedge shoe boots from New Look. Love!

Off to enjoy the remainder of my weekend with the bf and watch The Amazing Race! I missed this programme. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Image update: Week 1

The last week I worked at New Look and the run up to starting my new job. I love looking at other blogger's "A week in photos" so here is my own homage.

My week:

The red line is where I was a year ago on brain academy. The blue is where I am now. Oh my, better sharpen my brain back up!

<------------My breakfast. Nom.

I love anything that tastes sweet so this toffee nut latte was just the ticket while I waited for my train. Brrr!

Rose, one of my housemates' cats. Isn't she gorgeous?!
Axl looking like a little person (Rose's brother)

And a bad picture of my new grown up bag for work. No cookies allowed!

Really getting nervous for tomorrow but we shall see how it goes. I'll survive. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Food and Wine festival om nom nom

Ok, as promised, a bit of my holiday. One of the reason's I wanted to go to disney this time of year was for Epcot's food and wine festival. Me and the bf LOVE trying out new foods so since each stand represents a country, it was ideal. I had a silly idea to get a pic of each stand we went to so here is a mash up of them all badly done on photoshop (I apologise!)

We had a blast trying out everything and getting stamps from each country in the free "passports" they give out. I would definitely do it again. My highlights were the lamb burger from New Zealand and raspberry wine from South Korea. I also tried snails from France! Not that bad if you pretend they aren't snails (and don't look at them either, that was the bf's mistake!)

That's all for now folks, more adventures coming soooon!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A new beginning

Well, it's been over a year working at New Look and a couple of weeks after receiving the "dreaded letter" of would you like to join the New Look pension scheme, I can finally say that I'm free. I got a job. A career job. The kind of job that I've been searching for, for the past 2 years. 

I will finally be happy to go to work in the morning, have regular hours, weekends and all the trimmings. It will also be a job where injuries are not the norm - goodbye shoes falling on my head and bruised knees! 

It's really weird because I'm really happy and excited, but it doesn't feel real. Maybe I'll feel it on my last day at New Look (this thursday), or driving to my new job for my first day (monday - one week - eek!). I'm not sure yet, but it's a new beginning, a new chapter in my life. 

Though I have not fully enjoyed my experience working in retail, I learned a lot and I will never forget it (the scar on my arm from an accessory prong definitely won't let me!). I have experienced the best of this sector - helping people, polite and happy customers, learning where products end up, how fashion companies run etc, as well as the worst - rude/stupid customers, budget cuts (where are all the staff?) and a lack of respect at times. I have a huge respect for those whose careers are on the shop floor. I would not be able to do it myself, it requires a strength and patience that I don't have! 

I am really looking forward to my future experience of behind the scenes retail. Seeing what goes on in a head office and the merchandising side. On the shoe department, a lot of the time, there has not been the stock that customers are after. I am really interested to see why that is the case. Though my new job is for a home-ware company, it is still the same theory. I really can't wait to start. 

There is also a nervous feeling I have about what kind of people I'll be working with. I have a feeling I may be around the youngest (the opposite at New Look) and I hope that they will get my quirky nature and not just write me off as a freak. I feel like I'm a kid again, starting a new school (I went to a lot of different schools as a child) looking forward to learning, but also hoping people will like me. I will remember not to talk too much which is what I do when I'm nervous. Last time I did that, when I started school in Cairo when I was 10, I got ditched, lol. In fact, I think I remember being ditched starting in Nottinghamshire as well...definitely keep my mouth shut then!

I just need to think motherly thoughts to myself: "Don't be nervous" and "Be yourself", etc. Think of other things. Ah yes, I just came back off holiday didn't I? I will have to devote a few blog posts to the best bits. It was amazing! I went to florida again and visited Harry Potter world (my other home). 

Well, enough rambling, in conclusion, I have a new job and I am looking forward to starting. :)

There's a lot of text isn't there? Better add in a pic for good measure:

There, sweets. Who doesn't like sweets right?