Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Food and Wine festival om nom nom

Ok, as promised, a bit of my holiday. One of the reason's I wanted to go to disney this time of year was for Epcot's food and wine festival. Me and the bf LOVE trying out new foods so since each stand represents a country, it was ideal. I had a silly idea to get a pic of each stand we went to so here is a mash up of them all badly done on photoshop (I apologise!)

We had a blast trying out everything and getting stamps from each country in the free "passports" they give out. I would definitely do it again. My highlights were the lamb burger from New Zealand and raspberry wine from South Korea. I also tried snails from France! Not that bad if you pretend they aren't snails (and don't look at them either, that was the bf's mistake!)

That's all for now folks, more adventures coming soooon!

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