Sunday, 20 November 2011

Image update: Week 1

The last week I worked at New Look and the run up to starting my new job. I love looking at other blogger's "A week in photos" so here is my own homage.

My week:

The red line is where I was a year ago on brain academy. The blue is where I am now. Oh my, better sharpen my brain back up!

<------------My breakfast. Nom.

I love anything that tastes sweet so this toffee nut latte was just the ticket while I waited for my train. Brrr!

Rose, one of my housemates' cats. Isn't she gorgeous?!
Axl looking like a little person (Rose's brother)

And a bad picture of my new grown up bag for work. No cookies allowed!

Really getting nervous for tomorrow but we shall see how it goes. I'll survive. Wish me luck!

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