Sunday, 27 November 2011

Image update: Week 2

This was a really good week where I was quite busy starting my new job and seeing family and friends. I survived my first week at my new job and so far am enjoying it.

My week:

The computer systems at work appear really complex so I have been taking plenty of notes so that I can make sure I remember everything that I need to do. Am learning pretty fast.

Went to see Billy Bailey with the bf on Tuesday. It was AMAZING! Loved every bit of it. Bill Bailey is a legend!

My favourite work shoes. Black lace ups with a mid heel. Love them. My feet don't hurt when wearing them and I can drive easily in them.

On Saturday I went to Sheffield where I saw my grandma, brother (who you can see in the pic) and my mum. I had a really great day and loved seeing my family again. Meadowhall is still my favourite shopping centre.

My grandma's new "friend" Molly. She is motion sensitive and meows and purrs when you stroke her. Slightly creepy, but my grandma enjoys telling her to shut up.

Went to my friend from New Look's house for Sunday lunch. She is an awesome cook so the food was just nom! The yorkshire puddings went a little crazy in the oven. Very tasty.

A shot of my awesome river island bag and my wedge shoe boots from New Look. Love!

Off to enjoy the remainder of my weekend with the bf and watch The Amazing Race! I missed this programme. 

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