Monday, 9 April 2012

Vintage Village Stockport fair

I hope everyone had a great Easter. I spent my Easter Sunday at the Vintage Village fair in Stockport. Getting my stuff together in the morning, I set off with my expectations set low as it being a holiday people may not turn up due to limited public transport. 

I had my happy helpers Claire and the bf help me set up and in the first hour made 2 sales which is a massive improvement on my previous visits to this fair. The day continued steadily with a good stream of customers so I was making at least a sale an hour. This made me happy. I usually struggle to make back my stall fee, but this time I had plenty left over. :) Toast Rack did very well with it being a vintage fair and all, but Random Quirks did better than usual as well. Even came home to a sale on Etsy. 

There were loads of people around so there was a really great atmosphere. It was also really great to have the company since I usually go to these things alone. The help was great and the entertainment even better! Check out the photos on the Facebook pages for Random Quirks and Toast Rack. Roll on next month - I'll be going back!

How was your Easter weekend?

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