Friday, 25 May 2012

Feature Friday: Crimson and Finch

Anyone who wishes me a sparkly day is alrighty in my book. I happened to stumble across Crimson and Finch when looking at other treasuries on etsy. The necklace I saw just stood out and i had to click to see more. 

I adore this style of necklace but the majority of the styles that I've seen out there are far too big and bulky. This shop seems to have the delicate statement necklace style down to an art. 

Crimson and Finch is run by Mila who lives in The Netherlands (my parent's live there!). She is very passionate about "jewelry, fashion, color and shiny, glitzy things in general" which definitely comes across in her work. All pieces are original one of a kind and beautifully photographed. It was a joy to browse through the shop. 

Here's a couple of my favourites:

            Sea Holly necklace, 29,50 

                        Birdy McBride necklace, 28,50

The Lady Arancia necklace is definitely my favourite! Take a look at her shop here. She also has a blog which you can see here

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