Friday, 4 May 2012

Feature Friday: Gush 4 Plush

I've had a plush from Gush 4 Plush on my favourite list for ages so I decided to feature them for this week's feature Friday. Just browsing the first page immediately brings a smile to my face. 

There is no way you couldn't see how cute these plushies are! There are so many colours, shapes and styles to choose from so there is something to suit anyone's tastes.  

Kitty Cat Plush - $20

And, compared to other plushies I've seen out there - rather cheap. They would make great gifts, or perhaps just a treat for yourself. I may have to keep this little orange guy on my favourites list until I move into my new place and have somewhere to display him. Or maybe one of my loved ones will see this. Hint hint, it's my birthday next month!

Take a look at a couple more of my favourites:

Bunny Plush - $20

Spunky Owl Plush - $18

I just love their little faces, especially their eyes. They just say "Can I live with you?" So if you need an injection of cuteness in your day, take a look at Gush 4 Plush.

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