Monday, 15 October 2012

Holiday's a'comin!


That is the key to the holiday season for Toast Rack and Random Quirks.

I'm really psyched for the Christmas season to start and getting my shops up to speed. I'm doing more fairs and getting my stock levels up as high as I can.

This month I am focusing on stock levels. Both my shops have different problems. Toast Rack has an insane amount of stock, but only a tiny percentage of it is actually online. Random Quirks on the other hand is the opposite. I only have a couple of things that need to be listed. Uh oh.

So my solutions are simple. For Toast Rack, I need to list list list and for Random Quirks I need to make make make. 

I have purposely not applied for any fairs during this month in order to focus on the stock. That and making sure that everything has labels and tags etc for upcoming fairs. All my fairs will be taking place during November and December and all of this preparation will hopefully bring me lots of sales! :)

So far, I'm up to speed with labelling everything and I've made a few new pieces for Random Quirks. Next I need to photograph all Toast Rack stock. I will keep updating my progress. Exciting :)

How are you preparing for the holidays? (shop or general if you're not a seller)

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