Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mini advertising magazine

In my preparation for all the fairs I'm going to in November and December, I decided to use the opportunity to advertise all of my different ventures in one format. I already have business cards (one for both my shops) but wanted to inform people about my blogs and other social media platforms. 

I could have designed a couple of flyers but I decided to go down the route of a "mini advertising magazine". Then I can show the links everything in one place in a fun format. It's only a work in progress but take a look at the inside pages:


I'm seeing it as a way to get my fair customers to get online and look - both for the people who buy from me and for the people who normally only pick up my business card. As well as my own ventures online, I have included my housemate Claire's blog

I just need to make a front and back page now. The back is going to have my facebook pages and twitter page on there. I'm not sure about the front cover yet. Any ideas?

Have you ever done anything like this for your own shop? Would you pick up something like this off a stall?

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